image via Vintage Purls

 Yesterday, I started knitting the 1940's Bobble Jumper.  I actually started it last week, while working the overnight shift. However, at 2 am with American Horror Story to distract and freak me out, I really couldn't pay attention to knitting.

image via vintage purls

 I got a few inches of it done yesterday and the lace pattern is actually working out pretty well! I am always worried when I start a new pattern with stitches that I don't know how to do- will it turn out? Thank goodness for You Tube and all of the wonderful knitting websites out there, teaching me to knit as I go along. My sweater is a fluffy white and I think I will add the colored knots in green...maybe blue....maybe red....I don't know!

 Speaking of knits, check out the drool-worthy knit pics that Lisa from Snoodlebug posted this morning.