For those who saw this post earlier, I wrote it last night and left my computer unattended to go cook dinner. During that time, Rhys got in my room and hit the publish button before I could add my pictures. Hehe!! He's such a little stink!

My birthday was Sunday but since I had to work in the evening, I made plans to celebrate with my family on Thursday. My momma got me a carrot cake and we made Mexican food for dinner. Since I worked the overnight shift the night before, I wore my comfy Heyday trousers and one of Pj's tee shirts. I was running on 2 hours of sleep so I didn't bother with makeup either. Yeah- it happens!

 I had 27 candles on my cake. That thing was an inferno!

I got a new hair cut earlier this week. After so much coloring, it really needed it. I got a basic middy with the extra length in the back about 2 inches shorter. I love it!!

 For my birthday, my mom and sister picked out these beautiful bakelite earrings and fruit basket earrings. Mom said she wasn't sure about the fruit baskets but I love them. I have wanted a pair for ages! I love the unique shape of the bakelite earrings too. Both are screw-backs, which are much nicer than pinchy clip ons.

 It was a lovely birthday party. We watched An Idiot Abroad and I fell asleep on the couch after dinner.