The Notebook Fashion and Style Week: Allie's Lake Hair Tutorial


The notebook movie Allie's lake hair style tutorial from Va-Voom Vintage

Today I have another beautiful hair tutorial from The Notebook. This style is inspired by the romantic boat ride scene. My version is a little different in the back because my hair is layered in the back and not as long and thick as Rachel's. I use two hair rats in this tutorial. I'll have another tutorial on Tuesday for how to make several muti-sized hair rats for less than $5.

The notebook movie Allie's lake hair style tutorial from Va-Voom Vintage

You will need:
hair spray
a hair elastic
bobby pins
a hair brush
a curling iron or hot rollers
2 hair rats

Begin with hair parted to one side. Use the center of your brow as a guide for the part. Roll the first 2 inches of your hair (on the side with most hair). I rolled my hair into 3 sections. One rolled down, the next rolled down, the next rolled down. This forms a wave.

When the rollers are cool, remove them and clip them to the top of your head, out of the way

On the side with the most hair,  section the hair from behind your ear, forward and hit it with a little hair spray.

If your hair doesn't like to cooperate with rolling, you can roll it with a thin hair rat.  When you get to your scalp, pin securely in place.

Roll the other side as if you were rolling a victory roll. (See my victory roll tutorial). This side doesn't have to be as full and well shaped as a normal victory roll. In fact, if it turns out kind of flat, that's okay!

Next, sculpt the front of your hair into a wave. I used these long metal clips to hold it in place as I shaped the wave. Tuck the long ends of your hair into that side roll and pin in place. Give it all a good coat of hairspray.

Next, divide the back of your hair into 2 sections- a top and bottom.  Pull the top back section of your hair into a low ponytail.

                                   Pull the hair elastic down the pontyail so you can create a hole.
                                                   Loop the hair through like a topsy-tail.
                                                        Roll the ponytail around a hair rat
                      Pin the hair rat into a U shape, this will be the foundation of the back of the hair
                                          Finally, take the remaining section of hair and split it into 3.
         Tuck each section into the hole and secure with a bobby pin. Make sure that the rat is covered with hair. Spray with hairspray and you're finished!

The notebook movie Allie's lake hair style tutorial from Va-Voom Vintage

The notebook movie Allie's lake hair style tutorial from Va-Voom Vintage


  1. This is stunning! Your tutorial is really easy to follow, I'll definitely be giving this a go soon!

  2. That is beautiful!! I think I might wear my hair this way for a wedding I've got in a few months.

  3. I've been having a devil of a time trying to figure this style out, so THANK YOU!!!


  4. Omg that hair do is stunning!!!! And your hair is so long now!!! One day I want to try it out for sure!! xox

  5. Flat our gorgeous! Rolled/tucked low buns are endlessly elegant and always convey such a wonderful sense of yesteryear charm and grace.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I would love to see your hair rat tutorial.

    I do have a question though - I haven't really looked around in the shops though I'm certain you can find rats for blonde and dark hair - but what if your hair is a different colour? Mine is bright red and I dont think dark OR blonde would work so well. My hair is really fine and thin too so I do need a rat!

  7. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Ooo, thanks for putting up this tutorial Brittany! It's a lovely style and I love how clearly you've explained the process. This whole series has been very inspiring, I can't wait to see what comes next! :3

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  8. Ooo, lovely tutorial! I've never watched The Notebook (don't come chasing after me, now!) but I've still enjoyed all of the your posts inspired by it. I may have to try out this hairstyle soon...

  9. Hello Brittany - a wonderful tutorial.

    Please excuse if I missed it, but have you been the winner of the 40's dress by Mrs. Depew Vintage announced?


  10. Wow! This is sooo great! I'm definetly going to try something simular with my hair. Thank You for sharing Brittany.

  11. Oh how pretty and VERY 40s! i cnat wait to try this! thanks

  12. Lovely! Looking forward to trying this soon =) Thank you for sharing!

  13. cool! i have to try this with a cut off donut.

  14. It's a great tutorial !

    You look so pretty,

  15. I'm late but I love your blog and this style is super cute!

  16. I've been looking for something interesting to do with my hair and this is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you


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