For today's The Notebook Fashion and Style Week, I have a very simple tutorial for Allie's everyday casual hair style.

 This is a style that I also use pretty frequently. It's quick and easy and isn't as costume-like as victory rolls or huge 40's bangs but you still get a very classic retro hairstyle. Here's how:

Begin with hair parted to one side. I use the center of my brow as a guide. Curl all of your hair under. I'm using Conair Hotsticks but you can use pin curls, a large curling iron or any other curling method that you like

Remove the curlers and using a large, round brush, brush the curl out so it's smooth, shiney and all of your hair curls under

Sweep the front section (the side with the most hair) to the side and pin in place using a hair comb, pins or in Allie's case, a barrette

the notebook allie's hair tutorial
And finish with a good coat of hair spray....

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