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Happy Birthday to Us!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday! I'll be 27 and happily sharing a September birthday with these beautiful bombshells.

                                                   Dita Von Teese
                                                             Brigitte Bardot

                                                                Sophia Loren

                                                                 Madeline Kahn

 I'm really excited to get to spend some time with Pj and the kids tomorrow morning and I may treat myself to some new makeup. We have gorgeous weather so I might go walk around Main Street and have lunch before work. Oh...and must call mom to wish her "Happy Labor Day"

Does anyone else share a September birthday?

17 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Us!”

  1. Incase I am not online tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Happy Birthday! This post is awesome. It was my birthday on the 27th. Dakota ( has a Sept bday too. In fact there are lot of rad blogging libras.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm not a September birthday, but I am a fellow Libra, and mine is coming up soon on October 6th. I hope your day is fabulous! Live it up!

  4. Happy birthday, doll! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow!

  5. Happy Birthday mama! So happy you will have family time-yeah!!! Enjoy every minute-you deserve it! Muah!

  6. Happy Birthday Miss Awesome! I'm so glad we have become cyber friends, ha, ha. Have a great day with your family!

  7. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Brittany, happy (happiest!) birthday to you!!!

    Here's wishing you a year ahead that abounds with only positive happenings and everything your heart desires.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Happy happy birthday.. Hope you have a good one... And enjoy your day..

  9. Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day!

  10. Happy birthday! I hope you have a marvelously fantastic day with your family!

    Nope, my birthday is at the end of the week- October baby here ;)

  12. A little late, but anyway TILLYKKE MED FOEDSELSDAGEN (happy birthday in Danish). :)
    hugs fra Sanne


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