This weekend, we went on a little road trip to Southeast Missouri. As much as I complain about my boring state, it really is an amazing place. Although much of the land is littered in dilapidated barns, rusted pick up trucks and abandoned buildings, there's something quite beautiful about it. This area was settled in the 1800's. The land is rich in minerals so many of these towns survived on mining and farming. While the population is very small and some might look down their noses at "simple country folk", the people here are kind and hard working. One thing I love about living in the Midwest is that the people here are often shockingly outgoing and find an excuse to talk to any stranger that crosses their path. Once while at the local Walmart, a local lady had me help her pick out the flowers for her daughter's wedding!  That's the Midwest for you. Here's a peek at small town middle-America.

 Stay tuned tomorrow for my post on how to find vintage treasures in small towns.