During the past few days, we've been packing up our clothes, kids toys and various things to put into storage. Since we'll be spending the next 3 months with my sister in law, we need to pack light until our permanent move in November. I, especially have to be good and narrow down my ridiculously large wardrobe!

In sorting through my over 100 dresses (I know, right?) I thought about the women of the 30's-50's. They generally didn't own 100 dresses because they were smart, frugal and knew how to change up the look of one dress with many different accessories. This article from The Women's Home Companion 1953 was a great inspiration to me. I paired it down to only my comfortable, practical clothes and left out one fancy dress just in case. Accessories are great for tight spaces because they can easily fit in my train cases, hat boxes and little nooks and crannies without being a bother to anyone.

 Having space to sprawl has certainly spoiled me and has allowed me to neglect some of the clothes that I have stashed away in the back of my racks and closet. Through necessity, I'll become more creative with my clothes and will get a chance to wear some of the things that I would have otherwise overlooked. It's funny but crummy situations always seem to yield some really exciting, fun moments, don't they?

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