Brittany and Daffny Shop Till They Drop!


On Friday, my wonderful husband took a day off work to drive us around and my momma watched the kid so Daffny and I could shop all day. Pj didn't think he would enjoy playing chauffer but he and Daffny really enjoyed talking about New York, beer and how much fun he would have with her husband. Although Pj isn't into vintage, I have a sneaking suspicion that he even enjoyed the shopping aspect.

Breakfast at Steak n Shake!

We began shopping at Brenda Sue's in Warrenton, Missouri. Brenda Sue's is one of my favorite vintage shops and I knew she would have exactly what Daffny was looking for. I found a red purse, which has been on my list for two years as well as a pair of mustard gloves. Pj found a pair of goggles for his Dr. Horrible halloween costume.

For lunch, we went to Chick-fil-A which is like...the best fast food place ever!! Daffny doesn't have one near her house so we had to make a stop while she was in town.

 We ventured out to the St Charles antique mall and shopped till the store closed. Here are some of my goodies....
lucite glitter novelty painters palette brooch and novelty mother locket broo
new brooches. The "Mother" brooch is a locket with 6 spaces for pics of my family. The lucite artist palette reminded me of my momma, who is an artist
new brown hat, black vintage rain boots and black peeptoe pumps 
much desired mustard gloves and sweet pale blue gloves from Brenda Sue's. The palm brush is a vintage scrubby brush for cleaning up messy little boys

We picked up the kids from mom's house and did a little shoot in the yard. We were losing light quickly so we did the best we could do with little sunlight. I adore this picture of her!

See Daffy's  impression of our day 1 trip on her blog, A Vintage Nerd

1940's repro overalls-Vintage Time Machine on etsy
1940's style blouse-handmade by Brittany using this pattern from Mrs. Depew
assorted bakelite
white cardigan-thrifted
white leather purse-thrifted
red scarf-thrifted 
lucite "B" brooch-ebay

blue vintage dress-from Emily of Livin' Vintage
lucite "B" brooch-etsy
yellow vintage hat-private estate
white belt-thrifted
assorted bakelite
yellow cardigan-thrifted


  1. I swear, I am living for the day I get to do this.

    1. well if you ever come to St. Louis, come see me!! :)

    2. in fact, we should just plan a vintage adventure, you and me!!

  2. Oh my goodness, could the two of you be more cute together?? (And of course you and your hubby are cute too!) Looks like such a great day, fun shopping, yummy food and a vintage gal-pal. What fun!

  3. I have those heels- bought them new at Target years ago. They are sooo comfy- I always wear them when I get dressed up!

  4. You both look handsome! What a pleasure to share our love for vintage with someone, it one of my biggest problem here in my area, I have no friend who wear vintage daily (except my lovely husband!!!) and it's so great to hunt vintage with a friend!!!!

  5. Wow great finds! You both look beautiful, and I'm especially loving those rain boots that you found! We're just heading into winter now so could sure do with a pair of those.

  6. Oh my goodness, you two look so adorable! :) and you hubby looks like he had a blast as well hahaha!! :P See men do like to shop with us gals, they just don't like to admit it in-front other fellas hahaha! :P you two went to so many cool looking shops, i wish we had shops like that out here, all the shops out here are way too over priced, so i usually have to put together items from the thrift shop, or wait from my awesome aunt to send me some authentic vintage clothing, which is very sweet of her :) im glad to see you two are having so many fun adventures together!! :) i love all the pictures of you two :)

    Wishing you two happy dress hunting,
    TheRitzyFlappper (Alicia)

  7. What awesome finds and priceless memories. I couldn't be happier for you two, sweet, wonderful gals.

    Oodles of hugs,

  8. Seems like you had the best of times!

  9. I love the broches! Wauw they are amazing :) What a nice way to spent your time together, looks like you both had a blast :)


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