This weekend, my dear friend, Daffny came from New York to St Louis to hang out with me! We had the best time together. We met online through out blogs and have been chatting almost every day for the past 9 months or so. Meeting her in person for the first time felt like seeing a long-lost friend. Being stay at home moms is hard work and we both really needed the quality girl time. She arrived on Thursday afternoon and we began out St Louis adventure. This is Daffny's first view of the city.

 We took her to Sweetie Pie's for lunch. Sweetie Pie's is a local foodie landmark, known for southern style soul food. Sweetie Pie's kitchen has been featured The Travel Channel's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Sweetie Pie's is owned and operated by Robbie Montgomery, who was once a backup singer for Tina Turner. She cooks up the kind of fired, cheesy, gravy-covered southern comfort foods that her mother taught her to cook when she was a girl in Mississippi.

Daffny, Pj and I shared our foods with each other so we could have a taste of everything. We sampled the meatloaf, mac and cheese, okra, green beans, corn bread, battered and fried pork chop, mashed potatoes and peach cobbler.

After lunch, we went to one of my favorite thrift store shopping spots. I am not the kind of person to keep my shopping spots a secret but there is this one place that I only tell very close friends about!

We loaded up on purses, scarves, cardigans and a few dresses. Daffny bought 16 cardigans and I finally found a much needed grey cardi.

I also found this beautiful 1940's Corde handbag for $1.69! I have entirely too many handbags so this little lovely went home with Bunny for her date nights with her husband. For myself, I found this non-vintage leopard print handbag. Leopard print accessories was on my shopping list for the weekend so this was a win for both of us!

After shopping, we went home and ordered St Louis style pizza and toasted ravioli and sorted through our finds. Check out this beautiful rainbow of cardigans!

Stay tuned tomorrow for pics of our crazy Saturday shopping adventures and check out Daffny's blog to hear her side of the story :P

         Daffny                                                                                   Brittany
orange vintage cardigan-etsy                                       1940's style blouse-handmade by me
vintage earring and brooch set-etsy                             1940's skirt-The BaleOut     
trousers-handmade by Brittany                                    1940's repro Rug Cutter wedges- Aris Allen
handbag-Goodwill outlet