Friday Fashionista: Grace Kelly


how to dress like Grace Kelly and get her classic vintage style

grace kelly in color

      This week's fashionista is one of my top 3 favorite style icons. She is the embodiment of elegance, sophistication and classic style. From American girl to Princess of Monaco: Grace Kelly

grace kelly in color
grace kelly in color

The Lady
Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Pennsylvania to a high society family. Her father was a gold medal winning Olympic sculler. He owned a very successful construction company and ran for mayor of Philadelphia when Grace was 5 years old. At any early age, Grace and her sisters modeled at society events and she found her love of theater, acting in her first play at the age of 12  After high school, she began acting on the stage and for television but it wasn't until her role in High Noon that she was noticed by the world.
Weather in a ball gown or pedal pushers, Grace always looked sophisticated
The Legend
While attending the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, she was invited to a photo session at the Palace of Monaco. There were many events that caused their meeting to be delayed. On the morning that she was to meet Prince Rainier, the power went out in her hotel. With no electricity, she couldn't blow dry her hair. She pinned her towel-dried hair up and put on a floral print dress, which was the only thing she had that didn't need to be ironed.  It wasn't long before the two were engaged and married.
grace kelly in color

The Prince and Princess had three children, Caroline Princess of Hanover, Albert II Prince of Monaco and Stephanie Princess of Monaco. After her marriage to the Prince, Grace stopped acting and devoted much of her time to her many charitable organizations. She was a strong advocate for orphaned children, breastfeeding and of course, improving the arts in Monaco.

Princess Grace passed away in 1982 after suffering injuries from a car accident while driving with her daughter, Princess Stefanie. She rests in the Grimaldi family vault in Monaco, nest to Prince rainier, who passed in 2005.

Get the Look

Princess Grace was and always be one of the most fashionable and elegant women in history. One important note in her style choices is that she chose clothing based on the style and quality not because of a designer label. Many of her most well-known outfits were created by costume designers at MGM.
She loved clothes with flattering lines, tailored details and a perfect fit.
 I think that my favorite part about Grace's style is that she really had fun with accessories.
Grace wears a sleek green shift and wild hat to visit the President and First Lady
During her first pregnancy, she used her Hermes handbag to conceal her belly from photography. The bag, which is still in extremely high demand is called "The Kelly bag".

 In addition to her "Kelly Bag" the Princess is known for her belted tiny waist, elegant gloves and glamorous sunglasses and pearls.

Grace Kelly Hermes scarf
Grace wears sunglasses and her favorite Hermes scarf


  1. Grace Kelly really was an icon. People with class can still pull of the Grace Kelly look...but people with class are few and far between.

    Thank you SO much for sharing these photos, she was so beautiful!

  2. I really love that you do these posts, because I have little to no knowledge on most of these women. All of these images of Grace Kelly are just lovely and make me want to sew up some summer dresses.

  3. Was there ever anyone so perfect looking as Grace Kelly? We had a chance to see Rear Window in an old art house theater and it was breathtaking just to see her in her gorgeous clothes on the big screen.

  4. What a gorgeous selection of pictures - thanks for sharing this. She was my mother's all-time favourite star and I admired her immensely. I wish I could see one of her old movies....

  5. I first saw her in my film class in high school in High Noon. I fell in love with her right away!! Annabelle, thank you! I love doing these posts because I get to learn a lot about these interesting ladies as I research and write each post. :)

  6. She was and still is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. She was the embodiment of what a woman should aim to be: graceful, elegant, and charitable. She used her position to help those less-fortunate instead of turning a blind eye.

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  8. Lovely images thankyou. I was telling the kids about her the other day, so this added to it wonderfully.
    For anyone in Victoria, Australia there is a Grace Kelly expo in Bendigo at the moment with original photos and clothes. I wish I could go!

  9. Oh, thank you so much for the exhibit info! If I were in Australia, I would see it for sure!
    Thank you also for the blog award! I'll have to think on those facts about me :P

  10. When I was in the 6th grade (20+ years ago), I went to a birthday party where we dressed up as a famous person and played 20 questions trying to figure out who our friends came as. I was Grace Kelly. No one got it.....I may have only been 11, but I knew even then that she was completely fabulous!


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