Date Maker 1946


1940s date maker cardigan and heyday vintage clothing swing trousers

plus size 1940s trousers and victory rolls
Loving my new trousers from Heyday
 It's date night again and this week is much needed. The kids have been crazy this week!!
 Some date nights we go out for dinner, movies, fun with friends without little ones but sometimes, we like to grab some food and go back home to veg out and enjoy the quiet. This is one of those quiet, relaxing "dates".

 Today, I wore my 1940's date maker cardigan that I knitted all by myself! I'm so proud of it, as it's my first knitting project. I first saw the pattern at By Gum by Golly and fell in love but when I saw how gorgeous it is all knitted up at Tickety Boo Tupney, I had to make one too! It took me about a month and a half to complete. I love it so much, I will eventually knit a another in a different color. The weather in St Louis is getting too warm for chunky knits but you will be seeing a lot of this cardigan in the fall. Thank you SO much to Tasha for posting this amazing pattern!
1940s date makers cardigan and victory rolls
check out that lovely "V" shape down the sleeve

 I chose this mustard yarn (Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand) because I love mustard but it's hard to find pre-made cardigans in the odd color. Since it was my first project, I wanted a decent but cheap yarn in case I decided to give up on knitting, like I have done so many times in the past.  I really love the details of this knit. The diagonal rib, forming the "V" in the back, the belt and crocheted buckle all really make this cardigan special.
1940s date maker knitted cardigan and victory roll updo
hair tutorial coming this weekend!!
  Last time I wore it, I paired it with a navy skirt . Since it's a casual date night, I wore it with my new Heyday swing trousers and vintage white button-up blouse. I practically live in these trousers. They are incredibly comfortable, fit beautifully and great to wear while romping with my babes
1940s style swing trousers plus size from heyday vintage clothing
Getting tackled and ticked by Rhys-beast, the diaper butt man
1940s plus size pants and free knitting pattern for 1946 date maker cardigan

vintage blouse- estate sale
1940's date maker cardigan-knitted by me!!
1940's style swing trousers- Heyday Vintage Clothing
1940's repro Rug Cutter wedges-Aris Allen (
vintage fabric hair bow- Jack's Daughter

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  1. Oh, that cardigan is beautiful! It suits you perfectly.

  2. Lovely! Glad to hear you like Heyday trousers. I've been pondering getting a pair of these for a while now.

  3. This post is awesome for trillions of reasons and you are gorgeous as always but I think the thing that makes me happiest is seeing someone my size in those Heyday! trousers. I have the exact same pair in brown and I've only worn them once despite having had them for months and months because I'm so terrified that they make my tummy look big (especially when I sit down, sigh), but you look so gorgeous and glamorous and fantastic and I might just wear mine tomorrow. You are so stylish and beautiful and I just love the confidence you have, it really shines through in every photograph.

  4. you look fab! I love the idea of dressing up for a regular date night! We don't have kids but still never have date night! :/ Love the cardi, I don't blame you for being proud of yourself!! I'd also love to know how you do that hairdo at the back... xx

  5. Hot! Love it all. Great job on the sweater and I look forward to the tutorial. If I ever grow my hair out, I'll try it!

  6. oh wow! you look awesome! i love how you styled the back of your hair! and your cardigan is to die for. i think i will have to try this pattern out now!

  7. You look amazing!! The cardi is gorgeous and yeahhhhhhhhhh you finally finished it! I beyond love it, even more so bc it has that V shape...V for Victory for the war! I love it! And Mr. Rhys is becoming such a big boy!!! Adorable!!!! Hope you enjoyed date night! xox

  8. Thank you everyone! Faith, I had the same worries too! After having 2 kids in the past 3 years, I have quite a mom pooch but I wear high waist tumnmy support panties under them and it really seems to help with the mom belly. :)

  9. Wow! Your sweater is wonderfull, I love the colour and the combination with these trousers is so beautiful!

    I have also made the Date Maker this winter and it's such a nice pattern...

  10. You look lovely! The cardigan is great, well done. I've been thinking of getting those trousers for months..... hearing your review I think I might do it!

  11. Love your outfit, I love mustard as a colour too, makes me want a mustard sweater now! The Heyday Trousers look fabulous on you

  12. Gorgeous!! I'm so tickled to see that you knit up this pattern. It looks awesome in that color. I really need to knit up one already. Congrats on finishing your first (!) knitting project. I can't wait to see what you'll tackle next. This one is a real stunner!

    (And I love my Heyday trousers too, they are so flattering and comfy and the perfect shape. Of course, I still need to hem one pair as I'm a shortie...and lazy. Hee.)

  13. Can't believe this is your first knitting project! I've had this pattern in my queue for awhile but love your version! (Especially the mustard)

  14. Oh you did wonderfully! Well done :)

  15. LOVE your hair! Please do a video on how you got the three pieces to stand out in the back.

  16. You look beautiful, this has to be without doubt the lovelyest outfit, hair and everything. Have a wonderful night!

  17. I love mustard and I am yet again jealous of someone who can knit. I MUST learn this skill! You look lush!

  18. Best photos yet. You look fab.

  19. Love this whole outfit! And especially the hair!

  20. Is this your first knitting project ever??? It looks like a very advanced and difficult pattern. You have done a VERY good job. :) I'm still in the process of learning to knit, and I tell you I'm not very talented. I stick to the easy-peasy patterns, and have both my MIL and SIL as knitting coaches. And since I don't have neither much time nor much patience it is a very slow process. But I find it cosy and de-stressing.

    PS: He's not a beast, he has become a little man! :)

  21. Thank you! Yes, it really is my first ever! I had my grandma and You Tube to help me along, thank goodness. I've knitting a few swatches of knit stitch, purls and ribbing, just so I oculd figure out what I was doing. I tried to start it back in early December but I messed it up so I put it aside in until January. There were a LOT of moments of ripping out several rows and and re-doing it but I really wanted to stick with it. I've given up on knitting so many times in the past but it's a skill I really wanted to learn. It really is very relaxing! Now, I'm working on a more difficult 1940's jumper pattern with a lace look to it. The yarn is quite fine compared to the stuff I used for this one. I've messed it up so many times, I put it down for a few weeks :P

  22. Your cardigan is amazing! I so wish I could knit...

  23. Your first knitting job ever? Very, very impressive! I'm very tempted to try this one myself now. It looks gorgeous! May I ask, did you have to resize the pattern in some way?

  24. I love that cardigan. The pattern looks like it's sized pretty small at 32". I'm about your size. Did you have to recalculate the pattern to make it a bit bigger and if so, are you willing to share?

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Where did you find the pattern?I would love to knit it but I have only found it in sizes too small for me :-/

    1. I used the same pattern- from By Gum By Golly- which is also too small for me. I have a 44 inch bust. I used worsted weight yarn (Lion Brand Vanna's Choice) and US size 9 needles. I didn't do any extra math because it's a pain in the butt and this was my first knitting project. I just upped the needle size by two sizes, knitted according to the pattern and it came out beautifully!


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