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I'm just not feeling my Friday Fashionista today so I hope to get her posted tomorrow. Blogs are all about fun and if you're not in the mood for something, it stops being fun if you have to do it anyway. So, on to date night instead :)

Yesterday was so beautiful and warm that I had the windows opened all day. When Pj got home from work, we took the kids outside to romp in the grass.

 Rhys was too little to crawl in the warmer months last year so this was his first time feeling the grass. At first, he didn't like it and kept crawling to me to sit on my skirt but after he saw Olivia run off, he wanted to chase her.

 For date night, I was really in the mood for sushi so we went to Sushi AI for dinner. I always get the honey roll, which is cream cheese, honey, rice wrapped up with tempura flakes on top. It's like sushi dessert! (that's the white/yellowy thing down there)

I also had eel and the spider roll, which is all cooked fish and crab. I'm not wild about the raw fish thing and am kinda picky about fish/shellfish in general so these are all tasty, non-bizarre things. The eel has a unique taste but is smoky and delicious!

 Every time we go, I do try to broaden my horizons and try something strange. This time, it was octopus sushi. It arrived and looked very pretty but I was still scared! (that's the white/purpley thing)

such a chicken

The flavor was good but it was a textural freak-out, as Andrew Zimmern would say. Definitely not a fan, but I'm glad that I was adventurous and tried something new...and glad Pj was there to help me with the other half of it!

skirt-handmade by me
vintage 50's blouse- estate sale
red cardigan-thrifted
blue bird brooch-thrifted
vintage 50's earrings-Christmas gift from my Papa Dan 
*...and cute retro furniture from Lowe's last season!*


  1. Oh, you look so adorable with your little ones. Glad you had a wonderful date night. I tend to be a little picky with food, but usually make an effort to try something new. I cant eat California rolls, but that is all as far as sushi is concerned.

  2. You're more adventurous than I am in the sushi department! It's all veggies only for me. Love the outfit and your hair looks super. The kids are, as always, adorable. :)

  3. I love Andrew Zimmerman and girl you were brave! I felt like being open to some new things once and tried Alligator was okay but I will stick to chicken hahaha Your outfit is so pretty-love the color combo-thats one of my fave combos! xox

  4. Aw you look so lovely Brittany and I agree Blogging should be fun, fun goes when you're forced to do something!

    ewww on the sushi, I'm veggie anyway which often gets me out of having to try icky stuff, although I'll always experiment with flavours!

  5. Bunny, I love gator tail! I tried it on my honeymoon in FL and it was so yummy. Pj didn't like it. He said it tasted like a swamp! LOL!!
    Veggie things can be advernturous too. I've been experimenting with more vegetarian meals and recently tried Tempeh, which I liked a lot! I have some of that fake ground beef in my freezer, waiting for taco night! :)

  6. You have so much style. You are truly a classic, pretty lady. Love the pin.

  7. You look so fabulous (as always) Love the Buch & Deichmann seagull pin!

  8. I know how you feel! Spring is so close we can feel it, The girls have started pulling out their formals and gearing up for The "Casablanca Spring Break Formal Dance" in a few weeks. Love all of your pictures espesh the one with you the kids and lawn furniture, looks just like 1956!

  9. These pictures are so sweet, you're kids are adorable, and so is your outfit! I also love that you guys have date nights!(: I also agree with the blogging should be fun and not a chore, a lot of times it can be more of a chore when you are way too busy. That's one of my problems when it comes to blogging, I sometimes feel like it's more of a chore but once I get started on a post I want to do more and more and more!

  10. You're like the cutest mom EVER.

    if i ever have children, i hope i can be as fashionable as you are!!

  11. You always look so pretty. I'm so jealous of your wardrobe!

  12. I love all of these happy snaps. Light blue and red is one of my favourite colour combos, and you look magnificent in it.

  13. I adore this outfit! So easy, so chic, so put together! Kudos for trying new sushi. I'm not a fan of cooked fish so I'm really not a fan of sushi.

  14. What an adorable outfit! I especially love the pin on the collar. And I completely understand about the sushi. It freaks me out a bit too.

  15. You look so beautiful! And your children and are just too adorable. Sounds like a lovely day.


  16. Oh man I am SO jealous of that sushi!The closet sushi joint to be is a little over 2 hours away =(
    You look adorable too!

  17. Love that look, Brittany! That red cardigan is fabulous!

    I am quite a sushi fanatic! (I am a pescatarian) I eat it at least twice a week! I grew up eating raw fish (smoked salmon ie lox). My dad is from Norway and lox are very traditional for breakfast and lunch (open-face sandwiches).

    I refuse to eat sushi made with eel, urchin, octopus, squid, or softshell crab! I am creeped out by the texture(s)!

  18. Your outfit is so lovely here - you look like a doll! I definitely agree that blogging should only be done when one feels like it, and not as a chore. Adorable babies too!


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