Last night, we dropped the kids off with my mama and joined Pj's family for trivia night at my mother in law's church. It's an annual event to fund raise for the youth group's mission trip.

 We had a -really- awesome team for trvia. Pj is a wealth of all kinds of knowledge from movies, military, history, geography, mechanics, science....welll- he's a really smart guy! My brother in law is also amazing at trivia being a huge sports fan and movie lover. Some of the questions involved tasting jelly beans and having to figure out what the exact name of the flavor is. For another round, we had to identify different breakfast cereals. We got to choose a category to get double points in so naturally, we picked the movie category. I'm so glad that we did because we got all 10 questions right, thanks to Pj and my brother in law.

Oh, today is Pj's birthday so last night, his mom brought him a tiny birthday cake. We're going out for sushi and arcade games tonight to celebrate.
We all had a blast playing and by the end of the night, our team won!! We are still in disbelief but we have our balloon trophy to show for it!

I wore one of my new dresses from Donnaland and bracelet sent to me by Jesse Anne Designs. It matched my new dress perfectly. Thank you, Jesse! 

Vintage 50's dress- Donnaland
crinoline- estate sale
white cardigan- thrifted, salvation army
vintage necklace- from Great Grandma Alma

p.s. I'm working on my first YouTube tutorial but YouTube is being a pill so I'll post it as soon as I can figure out what I'm doing wrong!