Last Wednesday night,. we had our date night and I finally got to go see My Week With Marilyn. I'll be honest, girls-  I was not at all thrilled with the idea of Michelle Williams as Marilyn. I like Michelle Williams but I couldn't picture her in such an iconic and difficult role. You can give anyone a beauty mark and blonde curls but that won't make them Marilyn Monroe.

For me, Marilyn's sex appeal is not the curves, the blonde or the bullet bra. It's the way she purses her lips in that perfect circle when she asks "I do?" And when she dances, she bumps her hip out just enough but not too much. It's the genuine, head tossing back laugh, the personality and so on.

 The film began with a song and dance number and I immediately couldn't stand it. There was so much jiggle and hip bumps. It was like a bad Marilyn parody- brassy and awful.

The movie went on for a little while but then, something changed. It was like she was really on the screen. She was beautiful, sexy, sad, joyful, childish all at once. Michelle moved like her, winked like her, moved her lips like Marilyn when she spoke. She was fragile and alluring. It was incredible and I was so happy to be proven wrong!  I really did love it!!