plus size vintage 1960s beehive hair and wiggle dress

Lately Ive had a bit of a wiggle dress obsession

 Pj took me out for sushi on date night, which was exciting and scary at the same time. I had miso soup for the first time and loved it. We enjoyed lots of raw fish and unique flavors and to my surprise I loved all of it! I wore one of my 60's wiggle dresses,  this one picked up for $1!

  I hope that you get to see many more wiggle dresses in the future!

plus size vintage 1960s beehive hair and wiggle dress
60's wiggle dress- The BaleOut
60's brooch-from grandma Alma
wicker and lucite handbag- antique shop in Columbia MO
t-strap shoes- Amerimark


  1. You look so beautiful! The dress, the hair, the shoes - you! Not to mention that I'm impressed you got that for a dollar. I hope you feel as happy and pretty in the new year to come

  2. You go girl! I know how hard it is to lose any weight what so ever especially when it comes to watching what you eat. But, it is definitely paying off. I love your wiggle dress. It accentuates your curves perfectly.


  3. Oh my you look stunning! Wiggle dresses look fab on you! I love how youre experimented with the 60's!! Yeah! xox

  4. I love it! You look great!(: Keep going, you're definitely an inspiration!

  5. Yay for wiggle dresses! Congrats on your weight success. :D I love the belt. It makes the out fit look so much sassier.

  6. Curvalicious! Great dress, looks great with the blue belt.


  7. I love your style! You're stunning! I love so much vintage and vintage girls! i can't live without vintage!


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