My snoods have either vanished or started to wear pretty badly so we went to the mall tonight for a little snood shopping outing. People often ask, "Where do you buy your snoods" and I have a hard time describing the shop so here it is:

 Yeah, that's pretty much it. But, they have snoods for $3 each and loads of fun costume jewelry so I go anyway.  For you St Louis area ladies, this place is at the St Louis Mills Mall.

 After snood buying, we had dinner in the food court, let Olivia ride a sparkly blue car and said hello to Santa on our way out.

 I bought this vintage sailor blouse in Farmington, MO over the sumnmer and haven't even tried it on till tonight! Do you ever do silly things like that? Pj liked it and I do too so I think it's a keeper. I also wore my wire work Bingo brooch, which I picked up at Brenda Sue's on my birthday. I never see "Brittany" brooches so when I spotted this funny thing at the register, I had to have it. I'd like to find more wire work brooches that say odd things. "Go Fish" would be funny!

 Oh, and here's my semi-vintage Christmas tree! I wanted a full vintage tree with glass garland and everything but that will have to wait till my kids are old enough to not eat the garland. Instead of vintage ornaments, I found some retro style plastic ball ornaments from Michaels and I bought this McCalls Make It book on etsy. There are a lot of super cute 50's Christmas decoration patterns inside. I'll have to scan and post some of them for you!

Oh, as a side note- popcorn garland is a bad plan with a two year old in the house. I spent about a half hour stringing popcorn only to find Olivia eating it like a big candy necklace the next day! Maybe in a few years...

Red Polka Dot Scarf- from Grandma
vintage thermoset leaf earrings- bought from Temperamental Broad
white plastic bead necklace- from grandma
red sailor blouse- Funk Sauce in farmington MO
navy pencil skirt- thrifted
black heels-target
bingo pin- Brenda Sue's Warrenton MO