The last sheer of the year


vintage crochet gloves and green maryjane high heel vintage shoes

I was doing some blog housekeeping yesterday when I found this post, which was never published! Silly me!!

 I actually wore this dress yesterday so I thought I should post it now because you wont be seeing me in a sheer dress for quite a long time. This one should have been posted back in September for our date night to see Captain America (which had some gorgeous hair styles, by the way!) The shoes and gloves in this post are long gone now. The shoes found a new home with another vintage loving gal and the gloves were sadly lost during a photo shoot.

plus size vintage 1950s sheer dress via Va-Voom Vintage

I wore this sheer green 40's dress, which I have owned for over a year and have not posted a single pic on this blog! It has the sweetest little dainty buttons.

I bought it for less than $10 from a funny vintage/odd-things shop in St Louis called Binge and Purge when I did my Vintage Tour of St Louis. Sadly, Binge and Purge was flooded last year and had to closed but they just reopened in a new location at the end of October.

 I brought my little mink poodle brooch, Ginger along for date night too. Ginger doesn't get out much because she's so soft and Olivia always wants to pull her away from me, so I reserve her for kid-free outings.

  I bought these vintage green suede maryjanes around december of last year and haven't worn them out until yesterday.  They are  handmade designer shoes and carry the legendary label, La Rose. If you don't know about La Rose shoe designs, you can read about him here. Starlets such as Jane Mansfield, Betty Grable and Joan Crawford were fans of La Rose shoes and I'm a fan of anything green!

plus size vintage 1950s sheer dress via Va-Voom Vintage

Vintage green and white sheer dress- Binge and Purge
green clip earrings-Creve Coeur Antiques
vintage necklace- from Great Grandma Alma
50's white netted gloves- garage sale
40's green box purse- Wentzville flea market
Vintage La Rose green suede maryjane pumps-T.F.A.


  1. Totally beautiful! I'll say again what I said last week...your husband must be incredibly proud to take such a beautiful wife on a date night!!

    I'm a green gal too. Actually, pink is my favorite color, but green is not far behind. There's just such a freshness about green.

    Have a great day,

  2. I love it. Do you have any tips on wearing sheer dresses? I love them and look at them and then when it gets time to wear them I blank and am clueless on what is appropriate to wear under, etc.

  3. That dress is gorgeous! I don't usually wear sheer dresses, but if I could find one that looked like that I might change my mind.

  4. Gorgeous as always! The dress is lovely, so nice to see a last bit of summer as we're headed into winter. And Ginger is SO cute. ;)

  5. You look lovely! I like your hair in these photos. And that little brooch looks so soft, I'm with your little one, I want to pet it!

  6. the whole outfit is wonderful.Love the print of the dress,the shoes and the brooch is darling.I have that same problem with a lot of my jewelry my son wants to pull it off me

  7. Gorgeous outfit, the colors remind me of spring. I'm envious of your shoes (it's hard to find vintage shoes in my size) and the mink poodle pin is adorable!

  8. I love your bag and what a beautiful poodle brooch!!!
    I love wearing light sheer 40's-50's dresses too.
    You can see me with these kind of dress on this post:

  9. I love it all, but holy moly I love that patio set!

  10. Elly, Its modern from Lowes! I just bought it this Spring so they probably still carry it! Also comes in yellow and has matching chairs and these little chairs for kids too! My patio is tiny so we went with the glider, table and chair for olivia

  11. You look like you pop out from '40s. Love your style and your blog!excellent!!


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