Oh, my...what a busy week it has been! We had the annual family birthday celebration, pumpkin carving and of course, Halloween! Here are some scenes from the weekend.....

Pj's family gets together every October to celebrate birthdays of everyone instead of spreading it out all year. We had pizza and lots of kids running around playing together. I wore one of my favorite 50's dresses and quick and easy hair. Here I am with my sweet little man.

On Saturday night, we carved a few pumpkins in our kitchen. This was Olivia's first year getting to help. At first, she didn't like the yucky pumpkin guts but she really had fun once she stopped being squeamish. She fed pumpkin guts to her jack o' lantern on a Disney princess plate.

I was Lucille Ball for Halloween this year. It was a pretty easy costume since I already had the clothes and accessories. I used one of those temporary hair color sprays, which colored my hair more red than I had expected! yikes!!

 But it was cute anyway. Emma from The Fiercest Lilliputian was also Lucy this year and I think she really looked adorable!!
Pj was the wolfman. I did his makeup for him, which is always fun. I think his costume turned out pretty awesome!

Rhys was baby Darth Vader and Olivia was Princess Leia. Olivia really loved trick or treating and Pj and I both had the best time taking the kids around for candy. We trick or treated in Pj's uncle's neighborhood, which has horse drawn wagon rides every year. Olivia really loved the horses!! I haven't had that much fun since I was a little kid.

Rhys Vader with Aunt Nellie
Uncle Pj chases Hannah
Princess Lulu waits to go trick or treating