Witchy Woman- A 50's Pin Up Photo Shoot

I had so much fun working with Leah for my carnival shoot so we planned to get together and recreate some vintage halloween pin up girls, now that the pumpkin patches are open.

 I wore my 50's sheath swim suit for most of these pics and added accessories and pieces of fabric to make it look like a halloween pin up costume. I've never really done a straight pin up shoot before so it was calming and fun to work with another girl.While us girls romped around the pumpkin patch, our hubbys and kiddos played together.

I've had a lot of comments about my legs on facebook. No, girls- my legs don't really look like that! After years of being a tomboy and eating cake, I have plenty of scars and cellulite to show for it. The big secret is nude, sheer to waist panty hose! They make legs look more shapely and give the illusion of perfect skin. You can also wear them under your seamed stockings for those thigh-bearing pinup shots.

 It was a little awkward at first, running around in public, in October in a swim suit but I quickly let my nervousness go and just had fun with it. There were a few people walking by, watching us take pics but I just tried to focus on the camera lens only.

1950's swimsuit- estate sale
40's style black blouse-thrifted, Salvation Army
Shoes-borrowed from my mom
broom-borrowed from my mom
More pics to come....

All images copyright Leah Fauller, Fauller Photography


  1. These are adorable!! Brave you! I couldn't do it... inspiring!

  2. gorgeous photos- witches are pure hallowe'en :]

  3. You look oh so sweet! Oh I would like to do something like that just for fun, even if it is a bit akward taking pin up pictures in a "public" place..

    Would be fun to do another one at christmas with a holidaytheme.

    Oh, Good tip about the sheer panty hose.
    Thanks/ Susanne

  4. Ahhh.. LOVE the one of you standing up holding on to your hat :)

  5. The last picture is my favorite. Your facial expression is priceless :)

  6. You are becoming a pinup girl right before our eyes-love it! xox

  7. I just love the one with hat falling off!

  8. Wow I really love this! You make me want to go and do a photoshoot! Your Great :)

  9. This/you are absolutely adorable.

  10. That last shot is the BEST! So perfect and pretty!

  11. Oh my, what a bombshell you are - super gorgeousness! I love the last one the best!

  12. Gorgeous, doll, simply gorgeous! I liked the one with the wheels behind you, very nice. Hehe.


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