The Goodwill Outlet is the Goodwill sorting facility but you can shop there before they send things off to the stores in the area. They have big bins that you dig through, fill a cart and they weigh your cart at the check out and sell everything by the pound. Clothes and shoes for 70-something cents per pound. Wow, what a deal, right?!

The St Louis outlet is located off Market street, which is almost to the Arch and Mississippi riverfront. When we got out of our cars, we heard a horrid screeching coming from the top of the very ominous building, which sounded like animals being tortured. Apparently, they project this sound from speakers as a deterrent to rats....lovely!

 When we got inside, the whole place was filled with aisles of blue bins. We grabbed a cart and started digging. Suddenly, a Goodwill employee came out of the back room with a new bin.

A mob of women crowded the bin, screaming and shoving each other to grab whatever they could get their hands on. One women got punched in the face! Amanda and I stood in horror, watching the mob fight each other for thrift store handbags. When the fighting was over and they had what they wanted, they sorted through their winnings, dumping the crap and shoving the rest in their shopping carts. This scene played out every 10 minutes when a new bin arrived. I have never seen anything like it! 

I suppose that they were hoping to find designer bags or something but I can't imagine fighting someone for a purse....or anything for that matter! So, it was an interesting experience, to say the least. I managed to find a few cute pairs of shoes, a skirt, a crocheted purse that one of the purse vultures dumped behind. There was no vintage to be found and everything was pretty grimy and gross so I don't think we'll ever go back but if I do, I think I'll bring a cattle prod or something. Yikes!