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1940s plus size plaid western wear day dress via Va-Voom Vintage

I went for my second ever photo shoot on Sunday with a photographer in Bellville, IL. Pj came with me, as always, as my escort and assistant.  These photos were taken in the photographer's home studio. It was a very good learning experience for me. It's interesting that photographers can work so differently. What one photographer may love, the other wants the oposite. With my first shoot, I was used to sitting up straight, working my angles and tilting my chin down. this photographer liked me leaning forward with my chin up. I practiced different poses and am really learning my strengths and weaknesses. Hands are SO hard for me to pose without them looking like claws or mitts. I've been studing other model's hands and watching You Tube videos to try to practice elegant, feminine hand poses. It doesn't help that I have crafty girl hands, crack my knuckles and keep my nails short for my hobbies. These are some of the best images from my second shoot.

Black and White Dress- Sydney's Vintage Clothing
Vintage Seamed Stockings- antique mall
Gloves- from my great grandma Alma
Green and White Sheer 50's dress- Binge and Purge, St Louis
50's brooch and earrings- from Great Grandma Alma
hats- from the photographer's collection

My 3rd photo shoot is this weekend at a local carnival. I'm really looking forward to getting outside again. I love the natural light and when I have interesting scenery, I really get into it and have a great time!


  1. I'm loving these posts!

    With hands: think Barbie. Unless you're actually holding something, do Barbie hands. Same with wrists. Straight or slightly up, but not limp looking. Also good for avoiding carpel tunnel.

  2. You are so beautiful in all the photos. I just wish I had the courage to do something like this.

  3. My goodness you are so beautiful-they came out really good actually. Love the whole outfit!!! xox

  4. The photos look fabulous! I am horrible at posing, not that I need to much, but when I was a singer I did, I just was awful, so much so, the photographer shone a light straight in my eyes so he got me naturally to drop my chin & look up through my lashes! The photo looks great but he had to use some tricks. You on the other hand look a natural

  5. You look mahhhvelous! This is a great idea for all the moms who normally are behind the camera. Everyone should get all dolled up, have their pics taken and then hang it over the fireplace!

  6. these are fantasitc. you look picture perfect! I like this hair colour on you :)

  7. These are so fab! You are just adorable, I look forward to your posts!

  8. I love your blog and have just been reading your older entries and came across this photo session. So fun to see a fellow curvy girl (and we are just about the same size, including being 'well endowed - I felt your pain being a girl with full bust; mine developed at age NINE). Anyways, the point is, you look stunning and my goodness you are such a lovely girl! PS Love your vintage decor besides the great vintage wardrobe!!!


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