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I'm not a "makeup counter" kind of girl. I like affordable, simple drug store brands. My daily foundation used to be Covergirl tinted moisturizer but I'm almost 26 and I'm a sleep-deprived mom so I'm starting to need more coverage than tinted moisturizer.  I picked up some cheap NYC foundation but was less than pleased so I thought I'd "splurge" for Revlon this time around. 

Since doing my photo shoots, I've wanted to try Revlon's Photo Ready makeup to see if it helped my complexion in photos.  The Revlon website says this about Photo Ready Makeup: "for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photocromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish."

The Price $10.99 at Walmart. (Saw it online at Walgreens for $8.39) Not bad, considering how I only buy foundation 2-3 times per year.

The Packaging-  1 ounce glass bottle with a pump. I like the pump because Olivia does tend to get into my  makeup on occasion and this way, she can't squeeze the tube and make a big mess. The pump makes for a mess-free application, unlike a regular bottle with a wide opening. The lid seems to stay on fairly well so this would probably be decent for travel as well.
The Color- My color is 001 Ivory and it matches beautifully. Since I first started wearing makeup, I haven't found a foundation that matches as closely as this one. It's such a close match that I can do half of my face with makeup, half without and the only difference is that my skin on the makeup side looks more even and clear. This foundation is available in 12 different shades from Ivory to Mocha.

The Coverage and Application- Revlon Photo Ready Foundation provides full coverage. It glides on very evenly and dries smooth, soft and matte. It covered my freckles, redness on my cheeks and uneven skin tone. Once dry, it felt soft and smooth all day. Application was easy. There was no streaking, blotches, of caked feeling. The SPF 20 is an added bonus for a little sun protection. I finished it off with my Coty Airspun Loose Powder. I applied the foundation right down the middle of my face:

The Texture and Smell Creamy texture but does have kind of a greasy feeling at first, even though the product is oil free. Once it dries and is set with powder, it doesn't feel oily but it does feel kind of heavy. The package claims to be fragrance free although it does have a very light powdery scent.

Would I buy again?
Yes! I really love the coverage, texture and overall look. I do want to try a water activated cake foundation too but I think this stuff is my new go-to product.


  1. I have had this foundation for about a year now and have only used it a handful of times. I tend to mix it with a little bit of moisturiser as I do find it can be a bit drying but the coverage is great!

    The only down side for me is that I really don't like the fact that it has lots incy wincy little sparkles in it which are meant to reflect light away and decrease the appearance of pores and the likes. I prefer a more creamy less shiny foundation.. in fact I generally just use concealer and pressed powder.

    I've yet to find a perfect foundation :( xxx

  2. I use this foundation as well, although I am quite partial to all the tiny little sparkles it leaves on my skin. I use the powder as well, which gives it a more matte finish, but isn't as drying as other powders.

  3. Thank you both for sharing your experiences! You're right, it can be a bit drying! My skin is dry on some spots and oily on others so it seems to do good things for my oily spots. I usually use Ponds Cold Cream, which leaves a moisturizing residue behind and that seems to help the dryness. I like the sparkly bits too! :)

  4. Nice! Thanks for the review. Doesn't it seem like we're always on the hunt for the perfect foundation? I know I am. My skin tends to be oily so the drying factor might not be a problem for me. I may give this a whirl and see how it works, as my go-to powder foundation doesn't have quite as much coverage as I'd like.

  5. Thank you for this review, I really wonder about the supermarket varieties of don't know what they are like till you get them home! I love reading your blog...thanks again!

  6. I think a lot can be changed just on how it (or any foundation) is applied. Some people like flat brushes, or kabuki type brushes...I like to use a damp sponge, personally. I swipe the foundation on and then pat/stipple it on to blend and add more coverage to trouble areas.

  7. I bought this foundation last night, and its only the second liquid foundation i have ever purchased in my 19 years of living. The first thing i noticed when i applied it to my face was the creamy texture followed by dryness. it made my face look cakey before and after i set it with powder. I removed it all with a face cleansing wipe and decided to try it again because i didn't want to completely trash it. I mixed it with a little bit of my old liquid foundation (Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer in 001)which in turn is pretty hydrating. It went on very smooth and a lot of the dryness went away. i feel a lot more comfortable with it now. Now im on the quest to find a perfect blush! :)


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