Get your minds out of the gutter, not that booty! I'm talking about my treasures from our trip to Springfield last weekend!

This isn't everything but some of those clothes are so fabulous, you'll have to see them in my upcoming outfit posts. 2 of the dresses that I bought need minor repairs before I can wear them but that's how I always find the best deals!

vintage bakelite jewelry, deastock vintage makeup
bakelite bangles and earrings, plastic beads and small clip earrings, cherry dress clip and dead stock rouge. Probably not use-able but fun for my vanity. We found two-one for me, one for Amanda.

vintage mustard colored travel train case
gloves and my new train case...with a horse puppet in the background!

lovely gloves in baby blue, mint green,mustard, brown and...chartreuse!!!
I love this purple ric-rack skirt!

this was still in the original plastic when I bought it. Now, I'm a bona fide old lady!

a couple of the dresses I bought. Pj calls the pink and purple one my "Good n Plenty" dress. Gotta love that nursing accessible front zip!