A cute scarf is a must have for bad hair days. Silk and chiffon are pretty choices but if you have problems with scarves slipping, nothing beats crisp cotton. Here are five ways to tie a vintage hair scarf

Rosie Style with a Faux Bang
I use a rat to create a faux bang. Start by sectioning off a triangle of hair from the top of your head to the outer edge of your eyebrows. Pulling hair from the top of your head gives plenty of hair to wrap around the rat and helps create a nice full bang. If a faux bang doesn't suit you, you can leave your natural fringe down or do the style from day 1 and pull the rest into a rosie style scarf.

Wrap the ends of your hair around the rat  and roll it under, till you reach your scalp. *Tip- as you roll, pull your hair firmly down so it's very snug around the rat.*

Pin the rat to your scalp on both ends of the rat. I pin mine into a "U" shape. 

Using your finger tips, gently spread the hair out across the rat. If any hair sticks out, use a few more pins to secure it in place. 
Next, using a large square scarf, fold it in half so it forms a triangle

Put it behind your head like so
and pull the long ends on top of your head, tying it into a knot
Gather all of your hair into the scarf

now, you'll have this little flappy bit hanging down in the middle

 Tie the long ends around the flappy bit and tie it into a bow. Tuck the flappy piece into the scaf and you're done!

Scarf Headband
I have a lot of skinny scarves which are great as a neck accessory in the fall or as a headband. This polkadot one is my favorite headband scarf.

 Long in the Back

This is one of my favorite ways to show off a pretty pattern in a scarf

Under The Chin
Sure, it's kind of an "old lady" look but many vintage things fall under that category.  On rainy or cold days, the under the chin scarf keeps hair protected and ears warm.

Tied into a Turban
A turban is a very versatile look. Wear a fun printit with jeans or a chic silk turban witha cocktail dress. For this style, you will need a large scarf

Fold into a triangle
Put it on your head so the flat edge is along the back of your neck and the points are in the front
Bring the long ends on top of your head and tie on top of the flappy bit like this:
 Bring the long ends to the back and tie at the base of your neck

Grab the excess fabric in the front and pull it forward like this:

Roll it up and tuck it into the knot