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I'm back from my weekend in the country. It was a -really- fantastic weekend. Very relaxing, lots of good eats, a little vintage and of course, wonderful company! We went down to Fredericktown, MO to Patty Creek Farm B&B with Pj's mom, sister, her husband and kids. I wore no makeup, did not follow my diet and had a blast! You can see my visit to Patty Creek last August here. Here are some scenes from the weekend.....


my view from my comfy little raft

beautiful girls

my little Lulu

Pick on someone your own size!

Rhys-beast relaxes in the shade with Grannie

the house we stayed in, built in the early 1900's

Missouri wild flowers

the old barn

The sunset house

the new barn, will soon be the location of weddings and parties

goin' on a hayride

Pj makes a friend, who rides on his shoulder for most of the hayride

This vintage quilt pads the bales of straw. It may have been a closet of beautiful 40's dresses in a former life

sleepy baby. The green lips are from her ring pop

we watched a beautiful sunset

there's nothing like a bouncy hay ride to put a baby to sleep


I sat on the porch with my iced coffee and crochet while the hummingbirds buzzed all around me

this rickety old bridge crosses over the creek. I love all of the flowers in this pic

I rescued this little guy from the middle of the road on our way home.


  1. Looks like you had loads of fun! I love relaxing vacations. :)

  2. How have I not read your blog before now? It is fantastic! I especially liked your hair tutorials. I cant wait to go through the entire thing!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. what a lovely vacation. You have a wonderful family and so much of nature came to share time with you and your family. I really enjoy your blog, Sea witch

  4. Wow, now there's some wildlife. It looks just like you all had a perfect time.

  5. I can't believe you had no make up on! You look so pretty and rosy! If I went without make up it would be like 'Zombie's Summer Holiday' x

  6. How fun! And how cute are you?! I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your blonde hair. Looks like a fabulous vacation.

  7. Wonderful vacation photos, thank you so much for sharing them! And you look amazing, if that's you without make-up then I'm not sure you really need any...
    The hayride and the waterplay looks like so much fun! You're kids are so lucky to have parents who can take them on vacations like this one =)


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