She's The Pretty Princess of Potties


This has nothing to do with vintage but I am beyond excited. My little girl is potty training. We started a few weeks ago and she's been doing so well so far! We go sit on the potty chair and I dance and sing my "potty time" version of Flight of the Conchords "Pretty Prince of Parties" when she goes. We clap and cheer and wave "bye bye" when we flush. Potty training rocks my sock off!!

 We bought her some incredibly adorable and teeny tiny panties. I'm still on the hunt for some of those days of the week panties. There's nothing cuter than a little hiney that says "Thursday" all over it! For now, she has Hello Kitty undies. I wish they came in my size!! We're still not to the point of wearing panties at night time or during naps but we'll get there.

 Let's take a minute to celebrate potty time with some Flight of the Conchords.......


  1. When my girls were little, the Disney Store had days of the week panties with each of the princesses on them.

  2. Great clip! I love the one where Jermaine appears to Bret dressed as David Bowie - cracks me up. I love that you get so enthusiastic about all the baby and toddler stuff. I can't say potty training my now 4 year old ever rocked my socks off:)

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Flight of the Conchords! That's hilarious!

  4. hahaha I actually have Hello Kitty undies that look almost identical to those! They do come in adult sizes!! Although I can't remember where I bought them....

  5. I'm trying to encourage my son to sit on the potty, which he does, but he never wants to pull his pants down. Maybe someday...

  6. Sitting is a great start! We had Olivia sitting on it for a few months before she actually went. It gets them used to the idea of it, I think!
    kate, I'm hunting down some hello kitties for myself now!!


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