It's hard having a space for two that's comforting and appealing for both husband and wife. I'm currently having a battle with my bedroom. It's a cluttered, small, disaster of a space and it's simply not working out. I want to redecorate and reorganize. I'd love a bright, frilly, girly bedroom but I want Pj to feel comfortable and at home in the space too so we're putting our heads together to and a warm, cozy and relaxing room for both of us.

I've been loving Pinterest lately and find a lot of great inspirations from that site. Here are some of the bedroom looks I'm loving right now....

image from the

I've been on the hunt for the perfect vanity stool for over a year. I think I will have to make this!!

diy capiz shell candelier made of waxed paper from Freshly Picked

vacation memory jars from Martha Stewart

cute, vintage and functional! What's not to love? I see vintage suitcases at thrift stores for just a few bucks all the time!
Home Office
Our bedroom doubles as a home office so computer space is very important. I use the computer to blog and Pj uses it for school so we need a small, comfortable space that works well for both of us.
I love this tiny home office space made from a wall shelf. Perfect for a small computer. How cute are the antique cheese graters?!