Wow, it's been ages since my last outfit post. With temperatures in the high 90's, I've barely left the house in weeks. It's just awful outside. Wait....who is that blonde chick in jeans? It's me!  I've been tired of my hair for a while and I decided to go back to blonde about 2 weeks ago. It took 2 bleachings to get it this light but I'm kind of digging it.


Speaking of digging it, check out my fabulous new turban. I crocheted it myself using a 1940's pattern. It's very Carmen Miranda, don't you think? My little dude is 3 months old now and smiling ALL the time. I love those ears!!

This afternoon, I met Amanda at the Salvation Army for some much needed thrifting. We said a prayer to the goddess of thrift before entering and boy, did it pay off. I struck gold with this fantastic retro dish set for only $15.
Next, we both found adorable vintage swim suits in our size, which has -never- happened! I scored a really cute cheerleader skirt and blue 50's knit top. Amanda found this adorable gingham bib dress pictured below. Pj got the awesome find of the day with his Diablo game pack, brand new for $10! Yay, Pj!!
my loot

Amanda's Loot

No Photography, Please!
 After that, we were starving and went to a local Mexican place for dinner. Maybe my fly was undone, Maybe the turban was too much for suburbia to handle?...I don't know what was wrong with me but I have never had so many people staring at me before. As you know, this isn't a terribly wild and crazy ensemble for me. I often do my hair like this and I hang out in this part of town all the time. What the hell?

 I was eating dinner and hanging out, Amanda leaned over and said "That lady over there is taking your picture!" I said "What? Me?" I looked over and wouldn't you know it, some broad at the register was taking my picture with her cell phone while I was trying to eat! Apparently, she tried to snap a pic casually as she walked by but it didn't work. Seriously?!? I've had people stop me on the street on many occasions and ask to take my picture with or without them in the shot and I always say "of course!" I've had people stop by my table in a restaurant to compliment me on my style or hat or whatever. That's fun, cute and of course, flattering but did she really want a picture with me shoveling Mexican food into my face? It was so awkward. I wish I would have had a menu to hide behind. I wish my camera would have been in my diaper bag so I could have taken her picture. Instead I tried to ignore her and stopped eating till she left. Maybe I should have made stupid faces at her.

 I'm sorry to get all freaked out and ranty but it begs the question: where do you draw the line between flattery and being inappropriate? Have your looks ever brought you to an awkward situation?
1940s plus size jeans and crocheted turban via Va-Voom Vintage
Outfit details
 40's polka dot blouse- thrifted
 vintage deadstock men's work trousers- Leo's Old Clothes, Columbia, MO
 40's crochet turban- handmade by me
various bakelite bangles