First, I want to thank you all for your prayers, kind thoughts and condolences on my last post. I really can't wait to share all of great grandma's stories and photos with all of you. I talked to my grandma about digging through photo albums one afternoon and she thought it was a great idea! We both agree that grandma would have wanted those things to be shared here.

 Now on to more inappropriate things...
 My best friend posted this link on facebook this morning for and it really cheered me up. Seriously, I probably spent an hour clicking through these cards, laughing out loud. Think Anne Taintor but more crude. These cards make me think of my sister in law,  who tells it how it is, never holds back and says things like "Well, then don't be such a shit-ass!" (Ninja, you know what I mean!) They're all quite wrong but every once in a while I need some of that to get me through the day. Here are some slightly less offensive ones that made me laugh out loud:

 I hope they made you laugh as much as I did. Pass them on!