I have been slacking in my blogging during these past two weeks but I wanted to share some pics of my adventures, outfits and my family and I running around barefoot....

Lulu and I on Easter. I wore my completed Paris Market Dress- more pics of that to come!


The weather has been gorgeous lately and we've enjoyed taking the kids out to play in the sun. Here's Pj up in a tree and Olivia desperately trying to join him! Maybe next year, little bean!

I wore this vintage plaid dress from Retro 101 in St. Louis. I bought it last summer and it's one of my most comfy dresses. It has rhinestone buttons and little gold threads throughout the plaid. I really need to get more close-up pics of this dress too!

 On the day before Mother's Day, we visited my mom and helped her in the garden. Olivia really enjoyed playing in the mulch. Pj set up his blacksmith forge at mom's and worked on making a pair of tongs for himself.  I wore my brand new freed sack dress, which I adore. After a lot of hair spray and pins, I managed to get my middy cut into victory rolls and faux bangs. *yippeee*


Oh, and I can't forget to post the latest pic of my little Rhys-man. He's 3 weeks old and growing like a weed!!