I didn't have many pics for my last post so here are some of my favorite pics from the past few days....
Me with my Rhys-ter egg on Wednesday morning. This beautiful vintage bed jacket was a gift from Emily of Livin' Vintage

On Tuesday, Missouri was hit by severe storms but after the hail and rain had subsided, we had a beautiful view of historic St. Charles and a rainbow from our hospital room.

My tiny little guy- just 6 pounds! (and thank you to my sister in law for the much-needed donuts in the background!)

Rhys in his car seat on the ride home. That pacifier really shows how small he is. He really loves a pacifier but the hospital soothie is just way too big for his little mouth.

When you have a big sister, you're bound to have some pink, girlie blankets in your life, right? This pile of toys was an offering from Olivia this morning. She tried to share her cup of orange juice but he wasn't really interested.

Look at those huge hands! Just like his daddy!!

Again, just like his daddy- always making silly faces. I've seen Pj make this same face on many occasions

Thank you again to all of you sweeties for your congratulations and well-wishes! My little family is home now and we're all enjoying getting to know our new arrival. Olivia is very excited and happy about having her very own baby in the house. She helps rub lotion on his dry little feet and tries to share her toys with him.

Rhys is doing very well. He's eating non-stop, napping the days away and getting lots of wet kisses from his big sister. We call him our little "onion" because it sounds like he cries "un-yun!" when he's hungry.

I am quickly recovering from delivery and am SO happy to be able to see my feet again!! I'm walking (not waddling), bending over to pick things up and before you know it, I'll be back in pants with buttons *yay*!! I foolishly ignored advice to do post-partum exercises and wear a belly band last time but now that I have a nice, big mommy pooch, I'm following instructions to get back to pre-pregnancy size.

I think I'm going to try to venture out into the world to buy some supplies to whip up a pretty nursing cover tomorrow. I spotted some feed sacks at an antique mall a few weeks ago and if they're still there, I may use it for my cover.