While this post probably doesn't pertain to most of my readers, I thought it would be fun to share and possibly helpful to any mommies-to-be out there.

The other day,  I realized that I'm only 8 weeks away from my due date and haven't packed for the hospital yet. When I had Olivia, I was induced a few weeks early so I went to the hospital with my purse and the clothes I was wearing to the doctor's office that morning. I'd like to be a little more prepared this time, if I can.
Packing Light
 Since Pj will probably be toting Olivia into the hospital (and we'll only be in there for about 2 days or so) I'm packing light and trying to keep it practical. The internet is full of lists of "must-have" items to take with you to the hospital but I feel that most of those items are overkill.

      It's very easy for a mommy-to-be to get excited and nervous and over-pack but packing light and keeping it simple makes life much easier when it's time to go to the hospital, transfer to another room and go home with the new bundle. A 3 piece set of luggage containing the baby's entire wardrobe and mother's vanity set will probably get in the way of medical staff and make life hard on the daddy when he's trying to find that one item that the laboring mother really needs. The hospital provides the necessities and of course, there are always plenty of helpful family members on hand, offering to run back home and get anything you need...like the car seat we had at home, not yet installed. Oops!

What's In The Bag? 

 The contents of a momma's hospital bag are a lot like the contents of a woman's purse- it all has a purpose, no matter how silly it is and it varies from person to person.  For this trip, I've packed my hospital luxuries in my vintage Amelia Earhart train case. I rarely get the chance to use it and it's the
perfect size for holding everything I'll want to bring.  Here's what's in my case...
Fuzzy Socks- to keep feet warm during labor- I froze my butt off last time
Vintage blue nightgown and robe set- to wear after delivery
Memory Foam Slippers- a gift from Pj
Nursing Bras and cotton undies -yay for granny panties
Peach hair scarf and Ivory snood-I'll be too busy snuggling my new baby to deal with silly pin curls but a head scarf or easy snood looks cute in pictures
Lotion- For back and leg massages during labor
Nursing Pads-It usually takes a few days for milk to come in but I packed a few pairs of disposable nursing pads, just in case.
Navy yarn and crochet hook- For times of waiting around or late nights when I'm too excited/nervous to sleep
journal and pen- To document all of baby's firsts and stories for the scrapbook
Makeup/Toiletries bag- in a cute soap and glory bag
The Makeup Bag 

Not at all something I need but with visitors and pictures going in scrapbooks, a swipe of mascara and lip gloss makes a girl feel pretty. I packed my makeup in this cute little Soap and Glory bag, a gift from my sister. I have a vintage compact, refilled with my shade of powder, a tube of mascara, concealer, liquid liner and a tube of berry colored lip gloss. I also bought a pack of  facial cleansing wipes and a small bottle of my favorite facial moisturizer. I have hair pins and a ponytail holder in the Anne Taintor change purse and a rat tailed comb in the bag.  My makeup bag holds my toiletries, all travel-sized: toothbrush and paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Other Stuff-Since both of our moms will be present during delivery, we don't bother with the phone list or camera. The excited grandmas take care of spreading the news and taking LOADS of pictures of their new little bundle. I leave the cash for snacks to Pj. He knows that hospital cafeteria and ATM locations like the back of his hand! :) I will also toss a few pillows from home in the car at the last minute. The hospital usually has an extra pillow on hand but I'm a pillow hog and it's nice to have your own pillow! :)

For Baby, Daddy and Big Sister
Pj packs his own little bag, which will probably contain a change of clothes, pajama pants and something to entertain him

Olivia will be staying with my mom and her toys, books, clothes and portable crib are already over there. I also left a list of favorite foods, dosage for Tylenol and teething medicine and the emergency number for her pediatrician- just in case!

For the baby, I packed a gown (which I LOOOOVE on babies. They're SO cute!) and this cute little elephant print sleeper. Olivia was full term but she wore preemie size when she was born. Since this baby is only 4 pounds now, I think he'll be small too but we went ahead with the newborn size anyway. I'm sure that I can ask a grandma to bring a preemie outfit if we end up needing it. We also brought a nice warm blanket for the car ride home. I will also be packing the baby book for copies of those tiny ink footprints! :)
 So, that's it! If you're packing your own hospital bag, especially for the first time, I suggest asking other moms what they brought with them and what they actually used. Think about what makes you feel comfortable when you're in pain or not feeling well and let that guide you in your packing.