Hehe, what a crazy day it's been! It started out with an invite from my mom to pop over and visit my Great Grandma this afternoon for celebrations of birthdays. I can't pass up an invitation to my Marmar's so I picked out a dress and pin curled my hair in an attempt to look put together on my outing.

While I was on the phone with my mom, Pj was trying to start a fire in the livingroom- caveman style. When I gasped "Pj's starting a fire! He's got smoke!!" My mom replied in a nervous tone "But honey, you don't have a fireplace!" Like I said, crazy day...and it was only about 9am. But he built a fire with no open flame in the house, so -that's- good news!
For more on Pj's fire building, you can see the whole process (and his extreme excitement) on his blog.

 I haven't left the house much in the past few weeks and I was thrilled to have a sunny day and a chance to make my appearance into the big wide world. Sadly, my hair didn't respond to pin curls today. It didn't have nearly enough time to dry. I tried my scary vintage hair dryer, which I have never used before but after about 5 minutes, it decided that it didn't want to be a hairdryer anymore and it shut down. It's okay, it made me nervous anyway- as you can see!

 Luckily, I have my trusty hot rollers for back up. My hair is straight as spaghetti, fine and generally annoying. To combat the straight hair blues,  I apply diluted Lotta Body, dry it completely with a hair dryer and roll it up. It's the only way that I manage to get all day curls with hot rollers. As per usual, I was running late, so I tied it all up with a chiffon scarf and hit the town with Olivia's "Going to Grandma's" suitcase and Tinkerbell sippy cup as my glamorous accessories. By the time we reached our destination, the rollers were cool and my hair was set.
1950s vintage maternity style outfit via Va-Voom Vintage

 I was pretty excited about today's ensemble (minus the sippy cup). I bought this 1950's shirtwaist dress about a year ago but have never worn it! I was bad and bought it without trying it on. I brought it home and discovered that it didn't button over my bust. Fortunately, I was able to fit it after a few simple alterations. I'm about 33 weeks pregnant now and I'm loving my dresses with full skirts. They have plenty of room for my ever-growing bump.

While I was at Marmar's house, she gave me these beautiful vintage beads and a pack of pads for my clip on earrings that she ordered a while back. Thank you, Marmar!

1950s vintage maternity style outfit via Va-Voom Vintage

Outfit Details:
1950's Orange Shirtwaist Dress- Retro 101 St Louis MO
t-strap flats- Charlotte Russe
sunglasses- thrifted
vintage beads- from Marmar
vintage wicker and lucite purse- The Market Place Antiques, Columbia MO
vintage Going to Grandma's suitcase- St Charles Antique Mall
chiffon scarf- cheesy accessory store at the mall