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1950's Atomic Ranch House did this post earlier today and asked us all if we would do the same- so we can be nosy and peek into each other's lives. *hehe*
I have quite a few drawers but I also stash some of my stuff in boxes, jars and train cases. The train case above holds sewing patterns and the little tin holds my buttons. These are some of my most frequently used drawers and containers in my bedroom....

My vanity drawers
The Top center drawer holds my makeup. Notice the lack of lipstick in this drawer. All of my lipsticks have been destroyed by Olivia or relocated to a safe place. She has learned how to open mascara now so Pj will be installing a drawer lock on this drawer in the near future! In this drawer, I also have a flower hair comb, a bakelite earring, a set of bakelite buttons, a lucite button and a vintage compact.

The top side drawer holds my hair pins, clips, hair ties and other misc. items that get tossed in- like Eddie Izzard's "Sexie" dvd, some bakelite belt buckles and a pacifier.

the middle drawer holds stockings and gloves and apparently an Anne Taintor change purse that Amanda gave me for my birthday

The Bottom drawer drawers! I try to keep my vintage undies separate from modern undies so its easier to find the right foundation garment when I need it. In this drawer, I have a bunch of bullet bras, a few garter belts and a pink vintage night gown.

Since mommy has a vanity, it's only right that Olivia has one too. What does a toddler keep in her vanity drawer? All if the necessities, of course. There's a cell phone, a pacifier, a frog, a pink necklace and oh--what's that? One of mommy's hot sticks- a favorite toy of hers.

And to show you that it's not all pretty and tidy at my house, this is one of our"crap drawers". This drawer in my computer desk contains a notebook for list-making, business and rewards cards from local vintage shops, cotton babies and The Home Depot, a baby pic of Livvie with bananas all over her face, a menu to our favorite Chinese food place, an old grocery list, loose change, cds full of pictures and other junk.
so, if you're bored and are running out of things to talk about show us what's in your drawers! 

p.s. a HUGE thank you to 1950's Atomic Ranch House for doing this post. I've torn my house apart looking for screws for my vintage baby cradle (to use for our new arrival) and finally found them when I opened that tin of buttons shown above. Thank you, especially from my hubby who would have had to try to find replacement screws! :) So, open your drawers and boxes- you never know what you might find!! 


  1. Oh so brave! I'm tempted to show people what's in MY drawers but yours look amazing compared to mine! Your "crap" drawer is like the neatest drawer in my house! My throw-everything-in drawer style drives my husband crazy, but I remind him that the house for me is like his desk at work for him, so hands-off! I may have to show the world my nailpolish addiction, though....

  2. Ha ha....I have a green frog in my drawer, too. Mine makes kissie noises. My drawers are so NOT neat enough to share, hubbies are perfect (now why do I take time to keep his neat and not mine?) so maybe I should share


  3. Good idea about kipping the vintage underthings separate from the modern ones! :o

  4. What a great idea, aren't we all fantastically nosey!

  5. !!! OMG I am so glad you found those lost screws!

    Ironically I put up a vintage baby crib to display some of Moms rag and vintage dolls in, but because I have to move more shelves in the same room, the crib must be sacrificed and taken back down. Boo!! =( I think it's wonderful you are using one for the new arrival!

    And your drawers look fine!! No mess! I wish I had a drawer full of vintage undies and things, alas I sold mine when things were a bit tight for me (financially, I mean). All my girdles and slips and such. =(

    Thanks for sharing Brittany =D I'm always curious, curious about what's in other peoples drawers!

    P.S. don't even ask about my closets lol... Ugh.

  6. :D You're so beautifully organized!! I love it!!

  7. Oh well done, I so couldn't do that! It is interesting though so I guess at some point I might eeek

  8. Your drawers look far more organized than mine! My kitchen 'junk' drawer is the worst. I need to clean it out. I found expired coupons in there from 2009! lol! I love the frog and the pink pearls! I also like the fact you separate your vintage underpinnings from your modern ones. What a great idea!

  9. Another vintage blogger with well-kept drawers! How do you do it?


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