The Ninja Goes to the Sock Hop


Tonight, my sister in law, "The Ninja" is volunteering at a charity dinner with a 50's theme so she came over to borrow a crinoline and get her hair fixed up. She made this adorable "poodle" skirt years ago. I love the little scotty dog!! She pin curled her hair last night so I brushed it out, did a small roll on each side and pinned the front to give it a little poof on top.

my little Stinker Bell couldn't stay out of the pic
You can read all about The Ninja and her weight loss adventures on her hilarious blog Cooking It Off! Also, check out her uh-mazing recipes. This gal really knows how to cook!!  Her broccoli salad is practically a food group. Plan to see more of this crafty momma in the near future because we'll be sewing Easter dresses and crocheting together very soon. I'm not very good at crochet but she is so hopefully some of her crochet talent will rub off on me! :) 

Oh, and p.s. I was just browsing her recipes and I think I'm going to beg Pj to run to the store so I can make her Bananas Foster RIGHT NOW!! *drools* Thanks for the recipe, sista!

black tank top and cardigan-thrifted cardigan, I think!
black belt
poodle skirt- handmade by The Ninja
comfy black flats
cherry hair clip- handmade by me


  1. You are a good sister-in-law to help "the Ninja" get all dolled up for her 50's night. She looks fabulous in that adorable skirt. I love scotties!

  2. The Ninja looks very classy and gorgeous!

  3. Ahh, so cute! The skirt is great, I love that shape. :D

  4. That was a lovely suit! A circular skirt with dogs is an unresolved issue for me, so there is no excuse, you got to wake up envy in me .... LOL. I love the duo of colors, red and black. Your sister is divine!

  5. Thanks so much for introducing me to the Heather Ross fabrics! I am in LOVE!

  6. I love how she has a little scottie, rather than a poodle. Cute! Her hair turned out great. Btw, that banana's foster cheescake sounds pretty good right now. I may have to try the recipe. Thanks for the link! I'd love to know how it turns out for you, if you decide to make it!

  7. I made the bananas foster cheesecake last night and it was wonderful!! It only takes a few minutes to put together and toss in the oven and it's rich and creamy and fabulous. I've had hers before- when she put caramel balls in the crust and it gets all melty and sweet. YUM!! I need to get some caramel balls next time! :)

  8. How cute! You know, my elementary school had sock hops but we never got dressed up in 50s themes. Kinda wish we did. The scotty dog is precious.


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