Yes, it's uber-trendy and often goofy but I am totally, utterly head-over-heels in love with classic lolita fashions. I love the frills, the delicate colors, the sweet details. Like vintage fashion has many branches of style (era, pin-up, rockabilly, etc), lolita fashion also has many branches. I personally love classic lolita with it's Alice in Wonderland, tea party cuteness.

This site also has many links to lolita shopping fashion terms and how to host a lolita tea party- FUN!


If I were 16, this would be a lolita blog
I stumbled upon the beauty of lolita bout 3 months before getting pregnant with Olivia. I planned to sew a few lolita dresses of my own. I sketched them out, found patterns, bought fabric, etc. On Valentine's day weekend, Pj and I took a trip to southern Missouri to stay at a friend's bed and breakfast. I brought my sketches and inspiration to design a few more garments that weekend. Then, while laying on the couch, watching a movie and feeling like crap it dawned on me that I was probably pregnant- and I was right! A preggo lolita? No, thank you! And a 20-something mom lolita? Again, no thank you! If I were 16, this would be a lolita blog but instead, I fell in love with vintage fashion. Vintage allows me to wear some frilly, unique, elegant things without feeling completely silly.

Get inspired by lolita fashion
It's been about two years since I even thought about lolita fashion. Today, I'm working on revamping a few cardigans and sweaters and I found one that screamed "victorian-inspired, please!" So, off to Lolitaland, I went! I found the website for my very favorite classic lolita store, Mary Magdalene and it all came back to me. Weather you're 15 or 45 we can all find great fashion inspiration through this Japanese street style.

I promise you (and myself), I will not parade around town in pink platform maryjanes with a napkin on my head
However, this year, I do plan to add some lolita-flavored pink sprinkles to my wardrobe. Before you call me crazy, check out some of the beauties below!

Here are some of my favorite finds from Mary Magdalene and Juliet et Justine

A lot of lolita clothing can be very expensive so I often make sketches or print out things I love and look for thirft store finds that can be embellished or altered. If you sew, there are a lot of basic modern patterns that can be jazzed up to fit the lolita aesthetic, but toned down enough to wear and still feel comfortable.
 If you also want to add some classic lolita style to your closet, look for victorian inspired pearl necklaces and cameos, lacey gloves, straw hats, little bows and circle skirts.

For more classic lolita inspiration and fun, do check out this cute gal's lolita fashion blog, Zeruda's Wonderland