As some of you may know, my husband Pj is my blog photographer. He has a great eye for it and is very patient with me when it's cold, raining or scorching hot outside and I say "oh, just one more shot!"
  Last night, after we got home from a few errands, I wanted to take some outfit pics. I really want to start taking more pictures of my outfits since I spend so much time shopping, sewing, and putting ensembles together.

   I'm 27 weeks pregnant now, almost to the third trimester so a lot of my clothes are getting too snug or too short! I found this 60's dress from Absolute Vintage in Columbia. It's pretty big on me but I love the wrinkle-free fabric, the fun print and colors and the detail at the collar. I only have one other orange item in my closet so I was thrilled to find something else for fall. It's super comfy with the baby bump and once he's born, I plan on taking it in and having a really killer bombshell of a dress! I belted it under the bust with a black ribbon and wore comfy t-strap flats with it. Oh, my earrings are also from our Columbia trip, which I bought especially to match the dress! :)

 It started snowing as soon as we got outside. It was cold, windy and the camera was not cooperating at all!! Most of my pictures turned out fuzzy and odd-looking and I was seriously not happy with my photographer after I uploaded them to the computer last night. I tried taking a few shots of Olivia playing today and soon realized that my camera sucks, NOT my photographer and I think I need to replace it. Honestly, it was the cheapest camera that I could find at walmart. I bought it over a year ago and have managed to not drop it and break it (unlike our past 2 cameras) so I think it may be time to upgrade to a grown-up camera. With the little dude on the way, I want something to capture all of his little giggles and drools anyway!

 I did a little bit of camera research today, since I don't even know what a megapixel is! My mom has a lot of camera knowledge so hopefully she can point me in the direction of a decent quality, affordable camera. I kind of have my eye on a Canon Powershot A3000-IS.
 I found one online for just over $100. I'm loving it because it has an optical image stabilizer (which helps with action shots) and can take good pictures in low light, which is a wonderful thing for fashion bloggers.

dress- Absolute Vintage, Columbia MO
vintage clip Earrings-The Market Place Antiques, Columbia MO
green hair bow- handmade by me with vintage ribbon and button
t-strap flats- Charlotte Russe