One of the perks of not having to travel for the holidays is that you have those few extra days to do last minute shopping, wrapping gifts and of course, planning your holiday party outfits.

I found these great little party clothes how-tos in a vintage magazine over the summer and have forgotten about it till now. These can be adapted for Christmas, New years or any other fancy parties throughout the year. Click images to enlarge, scroll down for complete directions and feel free to re-post and share with others! These are all from Good Houekeeping December 1958.

                                                            Belle of the Ball Skirts

For the skirt, you can sew your own, use one you have or find an inexpensive skirt at a thrift store. For the holiday decorations on these skirts, check your local craft store Christmas decor section. Pair your party skirt with a simple blouse and sparkly jewelry.
                                                                  Holiday Headliners
Some of these hats may leave your friends and family questioning your sanity but some of them are quite cute.

                                                         "The Most Beautiful Stole"

This one requires some time and sewing but would look great with your party skirt. I think I'll attempt one of these next year.


Belle of the Ball Skirt Directions
The Most Beautiful Stole Directions

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