People make resolutions to loose weight, quit smoking, and so on.  Since this is a fashion blog, I'm making some wardrobe-related changes (in addition to the usual personal resolutions)
I hope to revisit this post in a few months to see if I've stuck with it.. This year, I will follow these steps to build a better wardrobe.

1.) I won't buy anymore blue! I have several blue dresses, blue cardigans, blue skirts, etc. I love blue but my closet is being over-run and could use a punch of other colors. I will try to add more greens and warm colors to my wardrobe this year.

2.) I will add high quality pieces. In the beginning of my vintage obsession, I would buy just about anything with the hopes of "rocking it anyway" or "revamping it". Well, I've been there, haven't done that! This year, I will only purchase quality pieces. They must be in good vintage condition (or at least able to be easily repaired), from the 30's to late 50's- no scratchy 1970's polyester, have pretty details that make them stand out, and most importantly- have the right price.
 3.) I will finish the projects I've been putting off. I have a bunch of half-sewn things, fabric I bought to make something, clothes that need repairs and so on. This year, I will finish those projects.
4.) I will make complete outfits- That odd colored skirt without a top to match, those shoes that are SO cute but I have nothing to wear with them. I will hunt down items to complete these outfits.
 5.) No more cruel shoes- Getting all dressed up with perfect rolls and makeup doesn't mean a thing if I'm limping around like I've been hit by a bus. This year, I will get rid of all of my uncomfortable shoes and only buy shoes if they are a perfect fit and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

6.) I will sew more.I have bought so many beautiful vintage patterns and they sit, unused and abandoned in my train cases. I truly LOVE  sew. My husband, Pj says " I love to watch you when you sew. You always look so happy!" and I am! I just need to make the space and time to do it!!

7.) I will spend more time looking for pretty accessories- I have always loved accessories. In my early vintage collecting, I spent a lot of time looking for accessories. Accessories like hats, purses, scarves and jewelry can help you to make the most of your wardrobe. This year, I will look for really amazing hats, unique brooches, colorful purses and things of that nature.

  8.) I will make the most of what I already have- This is the most important closet resolution that I will follow this year. Realistically, I don't need another stitch of clothing in my closet. I have bought so many beautiful things and only worn them once or twice! This year, I will catalog all of those garments in my closet organizer and I will actually wear them. I will re-invent new outfits with them and really mix things up to make the most of my wardrobe.

 Do you have any closet resolutions for 2011?