Fashion and Film Friday: Cry Baby


I can't believe that it has taken me this long to do a post about Cry Baby! It popped up on my netflix instant queue last week and I've been thinking about it ever since.

For those who have never seen this Johnny Depp classic, Cry Baby is a fun Friday night movie for the light-hearted. My husband best described it as "cheese-tastic" and he's so right! The whole thing is goofy, over-exaggerated and full of delightfully ridiculous musical numbers.

 Cry Baby is about a gang of juvenile delinquents who battle against the "squares" (preppy, good kids) and of course, the teenage romance between members of each side.

crybaby traci lords as wanda

crybaby traci lords as wanda

crybaby girls hatchet face pepper and wanda, traci lords

crybaby girls hatchet face pepper and alison

crybaby gang johnny depp hatchetface wanda traci lords

johnny depp crybaby

crybaby and alison

Cry Baby is full of great 50's-60's hairstyles and rockabilly fashions. I think Wanda has the best style!

crybaby alison red dress

crybaby movie fashion and costumes



  1. I love John Waters movies! I think the original Hairspray is on instant play too, I'm sure you'd like that if you haven't seen it already

  2. This is my favorite movie ever. I agree, John Waters anything is golden.

  3. I haven't seen the original Hairspray, can you believe that? I'll have to check it out! Yes, I love John Waters too! Wouldn't it be a riot to hang out with him just for one day? I used to have Pecker on vhs- hilarious!!!

  4. It's been years & years since i saw this,i might just have to watch it again:)

  5. I actually got to meet him after he did his one man show at a film festival and he was so nice and charming! It was probably the best day of my life :)

  6. This movie is awesome and please mr jailer has been my favourite song for something like 2 months after I first saw the movie ahahah!
    And the costumes were awesome, too! Perfect mix of '50 and sarcasm!
    Wanda is the best! XD


  7. I also LOOOVE this movie and my husband can barely tolerate it! Great rockabilly style (my fave). I just found your blog, I too, am a curvy mama who has trouble finding vintage wear in my size, but I have found some great shops on etsy that carry vintage patterns, and indeed; they come in my size! I actually just started my own blog and have a recent post about that very subject. It's great to see so many ladies blogging about vintage fashion! Love your blog! Love from an aspiring 50's housewife;

  8. 50s fashion,rockabilly,Johnny Depp... this movie is just perfect!

  9. One of my favorite movies! Johnny Depp looks especially hot here!


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