Hello, blogland
 Long time, no see!!
 This week has been absolutely insane with everything from my basement flooding with 3 inches of sewage to my computer being over-run with viruses. So, I'm wiping my whole computer and starting from scratch but I'll be back hopefully within the next few days. Yesterday was the day of the basement flooding and that same morning, Olivia decided to wake me up by smearing poop all over herself and her crib....ah, how delightful! The Mother's Curse hit me hard.
What is the Mother's Curse? That's when your mother says "some day, this will happen to YOU and THEN you will understand!"
When I was about 14, my little brother, Tristan was just a baby. One morning, I was woken up by my mother screaming, "NO NO NO, Shit! Damnit! Son of a....." you get the idea. I ran into the nursery to find my brother covered in poo and my mom having to clean up the mess. At the time, I thought that was pretty funny and then she turned around, her hair all wild and madness in her eye. She pointed at me and cursed me, "One day, this will happen to YOU and then, it won't be so funny!" and she wasn't kidding! Sorry for laughing,  mom! :)

In other news, today is my 25th birthday! Pj got me a dozen beautiful roses, Julie and Julia on dvd (my favorite movie ever) and Mastering the Art of French Cooking!! We watched Iron Man 2, which was awesome and had chinese...YUM!
Saturday is Olivia's first birthday and we're throwing her a big lady bug themed birthday party!
Sunday is my two year wedding anniversary so Pj and I are going out without the baby to do something nice.
So, even though my week has been (literally) shitty, life isn't all bad! :)

I'm going to my mother in law's house to grab our windows disk so we can sweep our hard drive  and as soon as that's done, I'll be back with lots of pretty pictures and crazy stories to tell!
See you soon!!