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I am loving reading all of your comments about who is your favorite femme fatale!

Oh, more good news, Nani from Wiggle Perfume and Sundries was sweet enough to send me not one but TWO bottles of her lovely scents so one lucky winner will take home the femme fatale package and I will draw a second name for the winner of her amazing spicy but sweet fragrance, "Mathilde". Nani says this about Mathilde:

"I just knew this blend was meant to be when one of my very best customers wrote to say how much she liked Martine, but she wished for a sugary twist to it. She wasn't sure what, but knew she'd want it to have something earthy and deep to ground the sweetness. See, I had just been in my garden, deadheading my lavender plant, the moment before I read her message. I was thinking how my favorite characteristic of lavender is its black peppery kick, and how someday I really need to do a blend based on those two notes. So, since disobeying fate is asking for it, I dropped everything and whipped on a pair of gloves. A heavy pour of lavender essential oil, a dash of vanilla, a big wallop of black pepper, a splash of blood orange essential oil, and a drop of cardamon later...Mathilde was born.
I feel I should mention that this scent has more than once stopped my husband (who is wonderfully supportive, but has smelled every perfume I've ever made and can no longer quite tell them apart) dead in his tracks. He comments everytime he walks into a room where I've sprayed it, and insists that I wear it at least 80% of the time from now on." The winner will be announced on Friday morning!

In other news, thank you SO much to all of you lovely ladies with nausea advice. I don't know who had the best advice because I tried all of them and they all work! It could be one thing, could be a combination of all of them but either way I'm up and moving, cleaning house having fun and feeling SO much better!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!