This week, Olivia has been sleeping in a lot! I think she may be teething, going through a growth spurt or both. So, my mornings have been pretty peaceful, beginning with my breakfast of champions: lucky charms with soy milk and peppermint tea, followed by curling up and watching a movie while I enjoy my marshmallows.

This morning, I found A Very Long Engagement on Netflix. I love Audrey Tatou and I wanted to see this movie when it first came out, but like many other flicks, I never did! My first impression (which is important to note) is that this move is loaded with sex, blood and gore and various violent yucky scenes.

A Very Long Engagement tells the story of a young woman who searches for her fiance who went missing from the trenches of WW1 France. The film begins with her fiance and 4 other soldiers who shoot themselves in order to be sent home. Instead, the men are sentenced to be thrown over the wall of the trench in hopes that the Germans will kill them.

Methilde (Tatou) ours over letters and interviews everyone who may know the whereabouts of he finace, Manech. A Very Long Engagement accurately portrays the emotions of both soldiers in the trenches and family members missing loved ones. Even through blood and gore, this film was very visually inspiring and was a sad and beautiful love story.

The costumes (early 1900's-1920's) were designed by Madeline Fontaine, who also designed the incredible costumes from Amelie. From the themed colors and character detail in this movie, you really get some of that "Amelie" feeling. This movie is a beautiful choice for 1920's fashion because it shows what "real" people wore in the early 1900's instead of focusing on the flashy, beaded flapper style