What did you think about the sew-a-long?


So, what did everyone think of the sew-a-long? Easy to follow or confusing? Pain in the butt or fun? Was your apron a success or a disaster? Was there anything that wasn't covered that you would have liked to learn?

Since we learned to do gathers in this last tutorial, I was thinking about doing an easy "How to make a Dirndl skirt" sew-a-long. There is no pattern required to make a dirndl skirt and I thought it would be kind of fun because all high school girls who took sewing class in the 50's learned to make a dirndl skirt.

So, what do you think about another sew-a-long in a month or two?


  1. I enjoyed it very much. It was kind of frustrating at times, but that comes with learning new things. I would definitely be up for another one!

  2. I'm still working on mine as time allows, but I love that I can go back whenever and catch up, so I'm all for another one! Thanks!

  3. I thought that the sew along was FANTASTIC! I learned so much :) I look forward to the Dirndl skirt sew along...

    Please, please, please keep (if time alows) doing the sew alongs :)

  4. I agree with Sue it was great to be able to work on as time allowed.

    I hope you do a skirt. I would enjoy learning more and this has been a joy.

  5. I didn't make an apron. But I would love to try the dirndl skirt! I'm in desperate need of more skirts. I have exactly 4 skirts and only one of them could be called a summer skirt. The rest are all wool. So yes, I would appreciate it dreadfully if you did another sew along. :)

  6. Mmm, i'd love to do a dirndl skirt too, but worried that i wouldn't be able to find the pattern where i live.

  7. would LOVE another sew a long. as soon as my remodel is done wil do em, definetly a great source for reference, thanks for your time!


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