Sewing Day 3 Delay


Hello, everyone!
So sorry for the delay in our sew-a-long!! It will be posted tomorrow, I -promise-!!
Today, I'm at my momma's house, helping her set up her own blog! She tried wordpress but didn't get the hang of blogging. Since I blog, I told her I'd help and set her up on blogger, since I'm most familiar here.
So, in a few hours, we set up a lovely blog for her to talk about her fantasy/fairy art, jewelry and statue designs and inspirations.
Do go check out my momma's blog, Tales from the Old Art Table
Now, I'm off to enjoy my Weight Watcher's dark chocolate/raspberry ice cream and the past few week's episodes of True Blood. Oh, what a lovely Sunday!


  1. I just visited your mom's new blog - lovely!! I sent the link to my daughter, a budding artist who is drawn to that mythical realm. (She's also a budding vintage fashionista, bless her!) Lots in common, I think, which is why I am so enjoying your blog! Your tutorial is awesome - have you ever considered teaching? You are a natural!


  2. Thanks, My mom is so talented. It has taken her many years to get where she is and I am SO proud of her! I told my mom that she should think about blogging about how to get your art out into the world and get published! She said she may do some art tutorials too! If your daughter ever has any questions for her, mom is always happy to give advice!
    I have never thought about teaching but I think it would be really fun!! I have a lot of craft stores in my area that host various classes. Maybe I'll look into it! :)


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