va-voom vintage retro apron sew-along
For all of those who want to learn to sew but don't know where to begin, this is it! I'm hosting a sew-a-long where I will go through the steps to sew this apron and you can sew along with me! Before the sew-a-long, you will need to know the basics of how to work your sewing machine like how to thread it, winding the bobbin and machine operation. All sewing machines are different (otherwise, I'd cover that too!) but you can check your sewing machine manual for detailed instructions on these things.
The sew-a-long will begin on Friday August 13th. In the meantime, everyone who wants to participate will need to gather these items

1.)A Sewing Machine- dig out yours or borrow from a friend or relative.
2.)A sewing machine needle- If you have an old needle, put in a fresh one.
3.)Fabric scissors- make sure they're good and sharp!
4.)Pinking shears- for finishing edges, they look like this

5.)Thread- In the same color as your fabric. Use all-purpose thread. You will need one new spool
6.) An Iron- You will need an iron and ironing board for pressing seams and ironing your pattern.
7.)The Pattern- The pattern will be Butterick's retro apron, pattern number B5435. This is a modern pattern that you can find at any fabric store. Fabric stores often put patterns on sale for $1-$2 each so keep your eyes peeled for pattern sales! We'll be sewing apron view C
8.)Fabric make sure it's cotton. For beginners, it's the easiest to sew on!

Fabric needed (in inches)for U.S. readers
You will need 3/4 yard cotton fabric
3/8 yard fabric in a contrasting color (whatever colors you like!)
5/8 yards sew-in interfacing
1 pack jumbo rick-rack to match your fabric
Fabric needed (in centimeters)for readers using the metric system
You will need 0.70m cotton fabric
0.40m fabric in a contrasting color
0.60, sew-in interfacing
1 pack jumbo rick rack to match your fabric

* Don't be afraid to ask fabric store employees for help! They know a lot about sewing and are always happy to help beginners!

The sew-a-long will be broken up over 3 days.
Day 1- cutting
Day 2- sewing
Day 3- finishing

If the sew-a-long goes well, we'll do a whole dress next time! Always vintage-inspired, of course!!