I'm just packing up to go to the country this weekend so I leave you with this week's Fashion and Film Friday: Chicago

I've said it before, I'm not wild about Renee Zellweger but you can't deny the catchy tunes, bright lights and other fabulous talent in Chicago. For us curvy gals, Catherine Zeta Jones and Queen Latifah both provide inspiration to shimmy and shake...and all that jazz.

Chicago is based on the 1926 play "Chicago" by Maurine Watkins. Watkins was a reporter who was working on the cases of 2 murderesses Belva Gaertner and Beulah Sheriff Annan. These women became the inspiration for the play (and now musical) Chicago.

Beaulah- the read Roxie Heart
Beaulah- the original Roxie Hart

Belva the real velma kelly
Belva- the original Velma Kelly

While many of the costumes of Chicago are fanciful stage costumes, there are plenty of examples of hairstyles of the time. The fantastic costumes were designed by Colleen Atwood (That Thing You Do, Little Women,Big Fish, Alice in Wonderland).