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As inspired by 1950's Atomic Ranch House, here's a tour of my vintage home.

I live in a quiet apartment/townhouse community in the suburbs. It was built in the 60's and my dad lived in this neighborhood as a kid. As time went on, the neighborhood became dangerous and full of crime and drugs. It was one of those REALLY bad places that you didn't want to be after dark! When new management took over many years ago, they evicted the entire neighborhood and remodeled every apartment. They planted new trees, installed playground equipment and turned it into a quiet, happy little community. Now, there is a nice big pool and 2 playground areas. We have a big soccer field where little families fly kites and kids sled in the winter. It's very peaceful and mostly full of small families and eldery residents.
Since I rent, I can't exactly rip out the cabinets and stove. But, I get creative with my decorating and after a few years of collecting antiques and vintage, we have more antique furniture than modern! My home is a 2 bedroom townhouse. We have a tiny kitchen, big space that acts as our living room and dining room, one little bitty bathroom and a very messy basement! We'll be purchasing our first house in 2 years but until then, this is my home! Welcome....

The Foyer: This is my foyer, the first space you see when you come inside. I have a vintage sewing machine and desk to hold some of my pretties. These are most of my hats. I hang them here so I can grab one as I walk out the door. I also keep my umbrellas here right by the door.

The Kitchen: I am still in the process of re-decorating my kitchen. It was a tiny, dark hole but I brightened it up with some 50's atomic decor in colors of aqua, cream and red. I'll be making a much longer post about my kitchen and how to do it when I'm done with it, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Long story short- I used samples of repro wallpaper up top, painted my microwave (yes, I'm crazy), made some stove top covers, and collected some vintage nic-naks.


The Livingroom: My livingroom mostly consists of hierloom furniture from my grandmas. The coffee table has the name "Michelle" scribbed on the under side because when my mom was a girl, she liked to climb under it and draw on it! The china hutch is from my great great grandma and holds her china and my wedding china. The vintage rug is also from great great grandma

The Dining Room: My dining room set came with the hutch. It was bought for my great grandma in the 1950's. I have always loved the Chat Noir poster, so we kept that theme throughout the dining area.

The Stairwell: In the stairwell leading to the bedrooms and bathroom, I've displayed my vintage wedding kimono and obi

My bedroom: That's my happy little blog space, which consists of an antique desk, vintage chair, my printer sits on an old wooden step stool that I rescued from an old asylum and a book case that my grandpa built. The vanity belonged to my grandma when she was a girl in the 50's and 60's. We have a very tiny closet which I share with Pj. My side is crammed with my vintage wardrobe. Skirts and pants on top, dresses and blouses on hangers, cardigans and knits in the drawers. I hang my belts for easy access and shoes go in two shoe dividers on the door. My purses are hung on the wall above the computer. I keep most of my vanity items in the drawers. makeup in the main drawer, hair things on top, gloves in the middle and vintage slips, girdles and camisoles in the bottom! I framed these pressed leaves and antique photos on a scrapook paper background in cheap frames that I painted.
This shelf holds some clutches, hot rollers, rag and sponge rollers and of course the "middle of the night basket" which holds a pacifier, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, infant's tylenol and everything that frazzled mommies and daddies need when the baby wakes up in a tizzy at 2am!

At a later date, I'll be posting kitchen decor tutorials, more pics of my kitchen when it's finished and a post about decorating a vintage nursery with lots of pics of the nursery! My bathroom is being redecorated in steampunk decor so I'll have pics of that later too! Thanks for visiting!!


  1. ooh, I love it! I really like the aqua & red in the kitchen :-)

  2. Really cute! I need to learn more about how you painted the microwave. Ours didn't come though the move completely unscathed. I should do a post like this. Perhaps it would motivate me to put away the last bits from the move!

  3. Wow! Thank you for taking the time and effort to take all the photos and share them with us!

    Wonderful, love your choice of colors and details!

    Can't wait to see more.

    Love peeking into the homes of my fellow mid-century/vintage bloggers!

  4. You have a very lovely abode. Everything is so organised and neat! What a lovely Kimono too =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, i urge you to not be tempted to watch Burton's Alice! If you do though, tell me what you think...

    Peace & Love.

  5. You have got some really creative ideas, thank you for sharing! x

  6. Cute decor. I actually painted my Kitchenaid mixer lavender to match my kitchen- so it is not that crazy. Once you buy a can of paint and a roll of tape your world comes alive!

  7. A steampunk bathroom? I knew I liked you! I'm very interested to see the finished product! Also, the microwave looks great!

  8. yea, my husband shaves with a straight razor and is very into steampunk and that whole era, so since I got my retro kitchen, I thought it's only fair that he gets a steampunk bathroom. I can't wait to get started with that project!!

  9. I'm really impressed that you got the vintage feel to come through so strongly even though you are renting and can't paint the walls or change the carpets! I need to take lessons from you!

  10. Your place is adorable. When's dinner-time?

  11. lovely home.. i want your jewelry box.

  12. i like the painting of the microwave idea! I saw a 1950s aqua coffee grinder. I should have picked it up!!

  13. Lovely decorating! So many intreseting details I don't even know where to start! Love them all =) Thank you for posting this, so inspiring!

  14. I hope one day I can have a home as lovely as your's x

  15. I just love your decor. I would have my whole house like that, but I am restricted. How can I make a my updated kitchen with oak cabinets and olive green/Corian counter tops look vintage? Walls are creamy white, and floor is tan linolium?
    Love, Love your blog!!!


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