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Oh, what a fun day we've had on Saturday! Exhausting, but fun.
It started at an estate sale that we've had our eye on for a while. We went incognito that day so our competition wouldn't know what we were after. Here we are before the sale, at 7 am with our line numbers in hand....Olivia trying to eat mine! This one's for your challenge, Mary Deluxe- our non-vintage selves! :)

At first, we were a bit nervous about the sale. A few gentlemen in front of us spotted price tags in the window and the news wasn't good! But, after waiting around for so long, we figured we'd better stay and see what we found! From a glance at the online photos, I could tell that there were clothes in the basement so we made a mad dash down the stairs first.....
Now, I do have a vintage wish list to avoid buying too much crap that I'll never wear. On that wish list for Saturday was the following:
1.) vintage girdles
2.) cute red shoes (authentic vintage preferred but really, any cute red shoes)
3.) sunglasses
4.) bottle for my makeup remover on my vanity
5.) earrings
I didn't think I'd actually find any of those things but I kept them in the back of my mind...
(back to the basement of the estate sale) after a few seconds of rifling through the rack, among a bunch of really ugly 60's and 70's dresses, there they vintage girdles in pink and peach satin. With serious, made-to-last stretch and 3 garters on each leg...with bullet bra bodice....*in my size*!!!! $6 and $12. At that moment, I heard angels singing hallelujah and a golden light shined down upon me because I had experienced a miracle!

I grabbed the girdles and hugged them close to my chest and we dashed upstairs to separate bedrooms. In the bedrooms, we found closets full of vintage clothes and grabbed anything that looked worth while. In one bedroom, Amanda found a stunning black 1950's swimsuit in her size for $2 and my long-awaited adorable red vintage shoes, also for $2! These are my cute shoes and dress from that estate sale. I think the dress is from the 60's or 70's but I love it anyway!

Esteban just couldn't stay out of the picture! He's such a ham! We also call him "cheese-ta-ban" "cheeseburger" Pj calls him "fuzz-nuts" and I call him "baby-ban". Oh, and by the way, this is my new china hutch! It belonged to my Great grandma and it's from the 50's!!
After the madness of the estate sale, we stopped at a church rummage sale, 3 or 4 garage sales and 3 resale stores! Yes, my husband is the most patient man on the face of the Earth- What a good man! When we got home, I let him nap for quite a while. Here I am, knitting in my $4 dress from one of the resale stores we stopped at.

My kitties go crazy when I knit! The big girl is Hatsumomo (aka "momo" "mome rath" or "momo loaf") Oh, and this is my new dining set/craft space, also from my grandma from the 50's. It has two leaves and when they're up , I have seating for 8! Perfect for a housewife and her dinner parties!
We stopped at one garage sale in a very wealthy neighborhood in Ballwin, MO. The ladies there had a ton of vintage clothes, mostly from the 60's and 70's that they were collecting just to have! Apparently, some rich ladies buy vintage clothes and accessories and dress up mannequins in their basements...and that's it! They don't wear it or anything, they just dress up the mannequin. Creepy and bizarre if you ask me, but to each her own, I suppose! Her mannequin's wardrobe had gotten out of control so Amanda and I scored a few really cute dresses! The one I picked up needs a few small repairs, so I'll post pics of it at a later date.
So, that was our vintage adventure for this weekend.
Stay tuned for next Saturday's Vintage Adventure, kittens- when we take on some of St Louis' best vintage clothing stores: Retro 101, The Vintage Haberdashery and T.F.A!


  1. That is so funny...I go to auctions sometimes as "unvintage" looking as possible just so I can blend in better too! hahahaha

    I love that the baby has a number too! :) Start em young!


  2. I love the dress! there adorable all of it! Think of the awesome pin up shoots you can have with your girdles, oh pretty :)

  3. oh, yea! My little Livie is one hell of a shopper! She distracts my competition with her toothless grins and giggles while Amanda and I grab all of the goodies! MWAHAAHAA!!

  4. "buy vintage clothes and accessories and dress up mannequins in their basements"

    That sounds like something I would do if I was rich!

  5. Those girdles are DREAMY! I wish I could find a score like that...the weekend hunt sure sounds like it was fun :)

  6. Those girdles are amazing! You should do a pin up shoot with them to thank your husband for being so patient while you went out looking for them! Teehee

  7. Haha incognito, that's smart! :D
    I love your girdles, a really, really good find!I wish we had that kind of sales here.

  8. WOW, some great finds (and that image of ladies dressing mannequins in the basement for fun will stick with me forever!!!)

  9. I like the incognito idea! Verrry crafty.

  10. My husband's grandparents owned a girdle manifacturer in the garment district that closed in the 60s (the family blamed it on "those darn bra burners") If any of you find one that reads MacBess it helped pay for my husband's law school tuition.

  11. Beth- wow, that is SO interesting! If I ever find one, I will let you know!!

  12. p.s. I don;t actually wear glasses- my little sister has a vast collection of fake glasses that she past on to me just for fun! yep, I'm a dork!

  13. What great finds, the shoes are super-cute, and what an amazing stroke of luck to find two girdles in your size!

    What a crazy shopping-experience, though! I've never heard of anything like it here in Sweden (hmmm, maybe some garage-sales in southern Sweden...). Your husband does indeed seem to be the most patient guy in the world =)

  14. How fabulous to find not one but two girdles and other items on you wish list. I love days like that.

  15. I love the pale pink bodice, that colour seems to epitomise vintage underwear!

  16. I love the white dress--the red piping detail is just perfect! It's very flattering and looks lovely on you, no matter what era it is!

  17. I love those girdles, doesn't it feel amazing when you actually find something you wanted!

    Oh, and as for my faux bangs, i have tried using my own hair for a rat but it wasn't sturdy enough (and felt a bit weird having old hair on my head!), so i use one of those bun rings cut in half. Works perfect!

  18. Thanks, Stefanie!! I've heard that those things work really well! I think I'll have to go pick one up while I'm out tonight!

  19. WOW you really scored!! *jelous jelous jelous* lol heehe
    I loved the part about the mannequin bit. I HAVE TO ADMIT I have a mannequin. But it's a guy and he wouldn't look so hot in vintage dresses *Thank God* less competition. hahah ;)

  20. So how do you find out estate sales? Is that something that you see in the news paper? I bet I could score some fabulous finds in my area, if I could just locate the sales.

  21. Those are some seriously great finds, especially the girdles!!!! You and Amanda both look so adorable in your non-vintage garb! I normally go to estate sales in normal clothing too, to fake out the competition and to keep my vintage for getting dirty while digging in basements and attics. I bet Amanda's suit is super, gotta love vintage bathing suits. I am loving the new old furniture from your Great-Grandma. I bet you are really enjoying it!!! Oh, and I saw your comment about getting a Swirl, I can't wait to see it's debut on the blog!! :)

  22. Brilliantpants- easy! Just look up your city on! They have descriptions of items available and pics so you know what you're in for! Arrive as early as possible, bring cash and your own shopping bags! You can also check your area for local auctions too. They often have great finds!

  23. Wow! Those girdles are gorgeous! What a steal!

  24. Hello there and thanks for Following my blog Vintage Copywriting.

    Have Followed your Blog too but thought I'd comment here to say hello, as you might not notice me in your 290 Followers - wow, well done!

    Yours is a lovely blog to keep my vintage eye-candy levels high.

    If you're on Twitter please seek me out too, I'm @angpang.

  25. You'd be surprised how many vintage gents from the fifties love and miss these things. Please excuse the intrusion ladies, but I'm soo jealous. Formfit Life girdles were superb, and I had their "Skippies" as a first apex experience.

  26. Sorry, I neglected mentioning how lovely you look! Wish I could shop with you guys, I'd hold the nice cat, lucky gal...♡


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