victory roll updo vintage tutorial Irene Adler hair
victory roll updo vintage tutorial Irene Adler hair
Last week for my weekly date night, I planned on doing a Betty Draper hairstyle but my hair didn't want to cooperate, so I ended up rolling it all up in victory rolls and it turned out really pretty! So, here's my tutorial for my victory roll up-do. I imagine that this style would work on longer hair but I wouldn't suggest trying it on hair that is shorter than mine.
You will need:
Hot rollers of any kind (or a curling iron)
Hair spray (I use trusty ol' Aqua Net)
a rat tail comb
a TON of hairpins

1.) Begin with unwashed, dry hair. Use your comb to do an extreme side part like so...

2.) Roll your hair in hot rollers or use your curling iron. You can roll it up in any configuration. This step is just to add a little body to your hair and make it a bit easier to manage. Watch Mythbusters and pet the kitty while you wait for them to cool. If your hair has a natural wave or curl (unlike mine) you can skip this step.

3.) Section off the side with the most hair. Section off the hair from just in front of your ear

4.)Spray, tease, roll and pin. Roll this section into a victory roll with the opening of the roll facing forward as shown. When you roll this part, roll it a little more loose than usual so that you have a nice swept up effect. Finsih with hair spray and extra pins if needed.

5.) section off the other side of your head in the same manner.

Spray, tease, roll and pin. Pin this victory roll with the opening facing forward.

6.)Go back to the other side of your head. Section off a rectangular section of hair from just behind your first roll as shown. This section should be about 1/2 inch wide.

7.) Spray, tease, roll and pin. The opening of this roll will also face forward. Repeat on the other side. Now, you should have 4 rolls total.

8.)For the next set of rolls, begin with your comb at the top of your head and draw it down, making a part.

roll two rolls with openings facing forward on both sides of your head, leaving the bottom part of your hair hanging down as shown. You should have 3 rolls on each side.

9.) Roll the bottom section of your hair up and pin as shown. My hair is short so I used my mascara tube to help roll it up so that I could pin it in place and spray it. Spray this section thoroughly and smooth it over to keep flyaways in check. Finish off with your favorite pair of bakelite earrings, a hat or a flower clip.

victory roll updo vintage tutorial Irene Adler hair

Any questions, just ask by leaving a comment! Have fun, gals!

1940's dress- The Vintage Haberdashery
Bakelite dangle earrings- gift from Pj and Olivia for Mother's Day